Best Apps for Education

Our approach to learning is changing along with technology. Gone are the days of spending hours in a classroom with text books and pencils.

Today, we have a lot of educational apps available to us that allow us to learn in the most efficient way possible. From basic mathematics and English to programming and coding, these apps can help you learn anything at lightning speed.

With so many different apps, knowing which one is right for you can be hard. That’s why we are here to help you out.

Check out the best apps for education and the experiences of those who have tried and used them down below. 

Learning Program For Kids

I’d like to share my insights about your query. In my opinion, is an amazing app for your children. The preschool curriculum at Early Learning Academy focuses on crucial fundamentals in the four main curriculum areas of reading, math, the world around us (beginning science and social studies), as well as art and colours. This helps young children build a solid foundation of knowledge on which they can build successfully and with confidence.”

Pros: “The interesting and entertaining games on are all intended to teach a particular idea. With the help of their preschool alphabet, preschool art, preschool number, and preschool shapes games, kids ages 3 and up may learn sounds, numbers, and shapes.

Voiced instructions are included in every game, making it simple for even very young children to learn and play. The ABC Mouse review can be read in its entirety here.

Corrie Duffy – Corrie Cooks

Free Learning Service For School

Google Classroom

“Students are obliged to submit homework and assignments on a regular basis. Teachers are then expected to assess and mark them as soon as practicable. However, due to the student-to-teacher ratio in modern classrooms, this approach is not as simple as it sounds. Google Classroom is the solution to such educational process optimization needs. It is a virtual classroom, as the name implies (sort of).

Ava Collins – Adelaide Examiner

Teaching Assistant App

Apple Classroom

Teachers may keep track on what their students are doing on their Apple devices. You can observe what they’re doing and what other apps they’re using (great for sneaky game participants!). You can also control their gadget so that they only see what you control. Although it is only available on Apple devices, it is a fantastic tool with a wide range of applications in the classroom.

Ava Collins – Adelaide Examiner

Education and Mathematics App


While Khan Academy is excellent for math, the DragonBox applications concentrate in math learning. Some reviews even term the program addictive. DragonBox Algebra 5+ and DragonBox Numbers are aimed at younger students aged 4 to 8. DragonBox Big Numbers is a follow-up to Numbers for children aged 6 to 9.

Ava Collins – Adelaide Examiner

Flashcard App


Quizlet is one of the greatest learning apps for studying with flashcards. Flashcards aid in what is known as active recall. It is the process of actively engaging your memory while you are learning. You can make new ones, share them with others, and play games to review what you’ve learned.

Ava Collins – Adelaide Examiner

Learning and eBooks App


One of my favorite education apps to use with students is Epic! because it so many pros to helping students read.”

Pros: “First of all, the app is a library of over 40,000 books for readers ages 3 to 12 years old. Students have the option to read the book themselves or have the app read to them, which was so helpful when teaching students that spoke very little English.

Next, Epic! is free to use for educators during the school day. With a class code, students have access to this amazing resource during reading groups or independent reading time.

The app also motivates students to read with in-app rewards. As students finish reading books, they can earn badges within the app, earn a reading buddy, and build up reading stamina. Epic! will encourage students to read for about 20 minutes as well.”

Cons: “One con to using Epic! is that it is subscription based for parents at home. There are 2 options for payment for students to have unlimited access to the app: a $10 monthly payment or an $80 annual subscription. Parents do have the option to use the app for free at, but they will only have access to 1 book a day. Although this may be a con for parents looking into reading apps, purchasing the unlimited plan will help keep the app free for educators and students reading in school.

As with all ebooks, another con to using Epic! is the lack of having a physical book to hold. Readers may only have access to seeing one page at a time if their screens are smaller rather than seeing the full 2 pages if the book is illustrated.”

Pafoua Pistoresi – Her Wanderful World

Focus Timer and Task App


My recommendation is the app Pomodoro. In the past, I used to own a business known as CollegeConqueror that was designed to help High School and College students succeed in college and beyond in the real world.

The core premise of the app is a timer that forces you to work in intervals that are optimal for focus. The first timer is set for 45 minutes followed by a 5 minute rest. The second timer is 45 minutes followed by another 5 minute rest. The final timer is 45 minutes followed by a 15 minute rest.

Many high performing entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos use this method to focus and work efficiently. I’ve personally found this method to be extremely effective as it allows you to feel urgency to get more work done.”

Pros: “The app can be found on any phone or online.”

Cons: “The only downside to this app and technique is that it still requires work. It requires the user to actually sit down and do the hard, maybe even boring, work.

Lenny Richardson – Lenny Richardson

Educational App

Khan Academy

The fact that Khan Academy is free and offers a wide variety of courses for students of all ages makes it the industry standard for educational apps. For the majority of subjects, including math, science and engineering, arts and humanities (including history and social studies), economics, AP courses, and test preparation, Khan Academy’s YouTube videos offer a range of levels.

Khan Academy provides learning opportunities for students of all ages across many subjects, including math, economics, and history. It is appropriate for both beginning and advanced students.

Pros: “Suitable for supplemental or foundational learning

Cons: “Self-paced design may not be suitable for all people.

Brian Jones – Best in Edmonton

Coding App for Kids


The coding app Hopscotch is made for children between the ages of 9 and 11.

While Hopscotch is designed similarly to Scratch, one of the first educational software tools for children, Scratch is a web-based program while Hopscotch is designed specifically for mobile devices (iPads and iPhones).

Hopscotch is a fantastic tool for kids to learn about computer programming and is great for beginners. Children enjoy creating projects while learning coding, problem-solving, and logical and mathematical concepts.

Pros: “Offers play-along video instruction

Cons: “Inaccessible on Android-powered devices

Krizia Estrada – Handyman Reviewed

Learn Career Skills


Coursera offers users access to online courses from top universities and colleges around the world. There are more than 2,000 courses available, covering everything from business to computer science.

Oberon Copeland – VeryInformed

Online Courses


edX is similar to Coursera, but it offers a slightly different selection of courses. It also allows users to take courses for free or pay a fee for a verified certificate.

Oberon Copeland – VeryInformed

Online Learning Platform


Udemy is an online learning platform that offers courses on a wide range of topics, including programming, design, and business. Prices for courses vary, but many are affordable or even free.

Oberon Copeland – VeryInformed

Photo/Video Editor and Graphic Design


I’m also a travel advisor/blogger and started using the Canva App to make flyers, website pics, and so much more for my business. Canva is a graphics design tool that creates anything from social media posts to infographics, video blogs to slide presentations. Then, towards the end of the summer, I discovered a Facebook group of teachers who used Canva, and my world turned upside down.

Canva offers a discount if you purchase a yearly subscription. After using it for a few months and discovering how many resources I can get for my classroom and my business it was definitely worth the investment. So much so, that I even became an affiliate and am putting together a presentation to show at our next professional development meeting to encourage our district to go Pro!”

Pros: “Canva can make even the most novice tech person an expert graphic designer! There is a free version, and a pro version (paid), but if you are in education, there is a FREE Educator version!”

Cons: “The only con with using the Canva App is that some of the really cool features and elements to make your design pop are only available with the Pro version.

Sullienid Montero – Teach Travel Discover