Best App for Video Collage

Like with most things since the invention of the smartphone, you don’t need to be an expert videographer or filmmaker to produce a good quality video collage.

There are loads of different apps that will allow you to put together your own video collage in just a few easy steps. 

There are also loads of apps that claim to be great but aren’t very good or will offer you amazing features and then charge a fortune to access anything simple.

To help you find an app that’s got everything you need, we’ve put together a list of the best apps for video collage.

Need to edit that video ASAP? No problem, here’s our top pick for the best app for a video collage.

Best App for Video Collage – Reviews

Our Pick



Our rating:

5 Rating

Key Features

  • Over 20,000 layouts are available
  • Able to edit videos in-app
  • Able to make slideshows
  • Over 1,500 stickers

Our top pick for the best app for video collage is the PhotoGrid app, available on both Android and iPhone.

It’s our top pick because it is easy to use and doesn’t require any video editing skills to create a beautiful, fun, and great quality video collage.

This app is super simple to use and has loads of features included. There are over 20,000 different layouts available in this app, so you will be able to make even more interesting video collages. 

A lot of apps will only allow you to use simple square and rectangular layouts, like the Instagram photo layout app.

But with the PhotoGrid app, you can have pretty much any layout shape you can think of. 

This is an especially great app if you want to make video collages for Instagram. The different layouts will allow you to upload to your grid or story and create different collages for different videos.

This app also allows you to adjust the layouts so, even if you like the look of one of the preset layouts, you can still adjust and play around with it until it suits your vision perfectly.

You can also add photos to your collage, alongside videos. This is great if your content involves showing different images that need more of an explanation than a short caption can give.

You can also customize your collage with stickers, writing in different fonts, and even add your own watermark.

This app is great if you’re an influencer or creative as you can share your work and content without worrying about it being stolen or shared without credit.


  • A huge number of layouts available
  • A large number of stickers available 
  • A large number of fonts and styles available
  • Able to edit in-app and adjust to different social media sizes
  • Able to add a watermark
  • Available on Android and iPhone
  • Free



Our rating:

4.5 Rating

Key Features

  • Multiple frames
  • Customizable borders

This is a great app as not only is it available on both Android and iOS, but there are also separate apps for Instagram and desktop.

Making a video collage can be difficult as a lot of apps are specially designed for Instagram.

If you want something that can be used on all forms of social media, on your blog, or simply want to send a couple of videos of your Christmas day to a far away family member then this is a great option.

This app features loads of different formats and layouts for you to choose from. Just like a photo editor that allows you to create photo collages, this app provides you with multiple layouts to choose from. 

These layouts can fit videos of different shapes and sizes and you can also add photos to the collage.

But they are quite basic. If you’re just looking for a way to put a couple of videos on your Instagram grid, then this is perfect but can’t be used for anything more complicated.


  • Also able to add photos
  • Available on Android and iPhone
  • Free


  • Limited design. Only set frame layouts are available

Key Features

  • Able to add music
  • Edit videos in-app
  • Easy drag and drop controls
  • Adjustable frames and layouts

This app has lots of great layouts to choose from and is super easy to use. You can create video collages of loads of different shapes, styles, and sizes.

This is a great app which is why it’s disappointing that it is only available for iPhones. 

But, if you do have an iPhone, this is a great choice if you want to make a video collage that has some extra features, but don’t want to learn how to use complicated video editing software.

This app allows you to create collages using videos and photos and also add music. It also allows you to choose which segment of the video will play, so you won’t have to edit it down beforehand.

You can also control the music and choose which tracks play over which video and adjust the volume of each video.


  • Dark theme available
  • Able to add music
  • Able to choose which video segment will play


  • Only available for iPhone

Adobe Premiere Rush for Video

Adobe Premier Rush

Our rating:

4 Rating

Key Features

  • Shoot videos in-app
  • Edit videos in-app
  • Add music
  • Motion graphic templates

With any Adobe software, you know that you will be able to make good quality and professional standard work. 

As this app is designed for video editing in general, you can shoot the video directly through the app.

This is great as you know the video will be compatible with the editing software and will fit onto their layouts.

This app allows you to arrange video, audio, graphics, and photos onto the preset layouts.

Although this is a professional-quality app, the layouts are easy to use and you can add to them by simply dragging and dropping.

On that note, this is absolutely a professional-quality app. For a smartphone app, there is so much that you can do.

As well as the built-in layouts, you can also customize your own and can alter almost every aspect.

You can even add music to your videos and can do so without worrying that Instagram will take down your content as there are over 30 royalty-free tracks available. 


  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Professional quality video
  • Shoot video within the app
  • Edit video within the app


  • Not all features are free, but you can upgrade to a premium version

Best App for Video Collage – Buyers Guide


As with any kind of smartphone app, different apps will have different features at very different price points. To put together a simple video collage, you don’t need anything too complicated.

All you need is something that gives you a variety of layouts that are easy to adjust and allows you to add some music and personalize it.


When it comes to apps, it’s difficult to decide how much you should pay. We are so used to apps being free that when we are confronted with a cost, it can seem unnecessary and almost extravagant.

But, if you want good quality video software then do you need to pay for it? This depends on what you’re to achieve.

If you’re looking for a way to put together some cute videos for Instagram then the answer is generally “no”. 

If you’re thinking of going down the influencer route, then paying for something high quality might make you look more professional and boost your engagement.

With most products, the phrase “you get what you pay for” rings true. But, when it comes to apps, there is so much competition that there are a lot of great features available for free.

The best course of action is to download a free app and try it out. If you think you need more then, before buying more features in that app, try downloading another as they might have different features available for free. 

Once you have exhausted all of the free options, then you can consider spending money on apps. But even then, make sure you’re spending money on something you will actually use regularly.

Some apps require a subscription and buying one month is a great way of testing them out. Then you can either stay with that app or move on to another.

There is so much competition that you will definitely find something that can achieve what you’re looking for.

iPhone Apps vs. Android Apps

iPhone vs. Android is an argument that will never end. When it comes to apps, such as these video collage apps, the iPhone vs. Android debate doesn’t matter very much. 

There are some great apps out there that are only available for iPhones and this is disappointing, but that doesn’t mean that the apps available in the Play Store are in any way inferior. 

Smartphone vs. Desktop

When you think of an app, you probably think of your smartphone and not your desktop.

Making video collages is a simple way to edit videos together, so it makes sense that a lot of apps are for your smartphone, but there are also many that function on a desktop as well. 

Using a phone app is usually quicker and easier as you can simply film the videos on your phone and then transfer them to the app.

With some smartphone apps, you can even film through the app so that it will perfectly transfer onto any collage layout available.

The device you use depends on where your video collage will be shown. If people will mostly view it on their phones, then editing the collage together using a phone app is fine.

If you think it will more likely be viewed on a desktop, then using a phone app might not give you the quality you need.

But, on the other hand, if you edit the video collage on a desktop, it might not be compatible with a smartphone.

Don’t assume that for good content you need to use a desktop. If your content is going on to Instagram, then using an Instagram specific app is actually a really good idea.

If your video collage will be going on to YouTube, then you might want to use a desktop app.

Either way, it’s your choice and there are plenty of different apps available so you can find exactly what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I pay for a video collage app?

This depends on what you need.

As with all apps, try out as many free ones as possible before you spend money.

How do I make a video collage on my phone?

This is super simple. All of the apps on this list are designed to be used on smartphones. They mostly work just like a photo collage app and you simply upload or drag and drop different videos onto layouts.

Then, you just save and send your collage to your friends or upload them to whatever social media you are producing content for.

How do I put multiple videos into one?

If you want to edit together different clips into one video, then a video collage app probably isn’t for you. To make something like this, you most likely require something more sophisticated.

That said, the Adobe app has loads of great features and you might be able to get what you need from it.