Best App For Tracking

Having trouble locating someone or some place you have to go to? Are you a parent who wants to know where your child currently is?

In the old days, we have to use a physical map or ask strangers for directions, and when looking for someone was a hassle. Now, we have the internet and smartphones that make our lives much easier.

We have a list of very useful apps for tracking to help you to keep track of your family and friends or just not get lost on the road. 

Check out below the best apps for tracking and the experience of people who have tried or used the app.

Screen Time and Location Tracker


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I believe, that FamiSafe is undoubtedly one of the most trusted tracking apps for Android. Users have been able to exercise effective control over toddlers and, in some cases, adults because of the robust real-time tracking capability that the software offers.”

Pros: “The program is able to keep a record of all activities carried out on Android phones from a distance and store the information in great detail. There are also a variety of other capabilities available for tracking a device.

Antoine Boquen – NH Global Partners

Phone Tracker


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“I would say, that mSpy is a fantastic monitoring application that can be installed on Android devices.”

Pros: “The application is compatible with all versions of Apple’s iOS as well as a significant number of Android-based smartphones. A keylogger, internet filtering capabilities, and secure data access are just a few of the advanced features that are unique to this software and cannot be found in any other. There are many other advanced features that are exclusive to this program that cannot be found in any other.”

Tia Campbell – Practice Reasoning Tests

Location Sharing and Tracker App


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The best area tracking app, iSharing, comes with features to provide an extra layer of security for yourself and your family members. You can track your family members endlessly and secretly with a GPS tracker. In addition, there are additional components such as receiving an alert whenever your loved one leaves or shows up at a target, alerting if they are nearby, sending alert alerts, and it’s just a glance.

Jason Cordes – Easy People Search

Navigation App

Google Maps

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Best Live Tracking App: Google Maps is undeniably the most impressive and outstanding family phone tracking app for iPhone and Android mobile phones. With the addition of the new shared area feature, it has become much more precise and powerful as a tracking app. It has a simple direct link to use and a lot of decisions to modify continuous area monitoring requirements. Google’s area tracker app also tracks past regions and presents them over time. The free app lets you manage sharing decisions and track traffic, so it works too. For example, you can choose who to share posts and terms with.

Jason Cordes – Easy People Search

GPS Phone Locator and Tracker


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I u*se this app to track my family’s location.* I have a large family because of which it gets hard keeping track of everyone’s whereabouts.”

Pros: “Life360 is a user-friendly app that helps people share locations and track *where people are real-time.*”

Cons: “The only con of this app is that if *you are not connected to an internet connection your location is not updated* hence it might get difficult to know where someone is if they are in an area with poor connection.

Saurav Ahuja – Excel Trick

Gas Finder App


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Tracking utilities have never been easier. With the global recession and inflation at an all time high, gas prices have skyrocketed. I personally swear by GasBuddy since it helps find the *cheapest and most accessible gas station near you. *”

Pros: “The database of the app has nearly all, if not all the gas stations in the United States hence it is reliable, quick and easy to use.

Stavros Zavrakas –

Live Traffic and Navigation App


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“One of the top location tracker apps I have come across is Waze. Waze is a GPS app that helps users in finding routes and traffic updates. This app even helps in tracking families and maintaining the utmost privacy of each user, but one thing is needed and it is obvious that to track the family member you have to give access to the location from you. Only that way you will be able to track them in real-time for a limited amount of time. It has been really helpful for me when I lost contact with my old parents and to know the emergency situations.

Sean Harris