Zapper™ QR Payments & Rewards

Zapper™ QR Payments & Rewards

Zapper Limited
  • Feb 11, 2013
    Release date
  • iOS 13.0 or later
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Payments are quick, simple, and secure using Zapper. Join us on this trip and experience payments in a new, safer, and simpler way, whether you’re paying at a restaurant, purchasing online, hailing a cab, paying your bills, or making donations.

Discover incredible offers at your favorite eateries and shops with just a few simple taps so you can enjoy them and share them with your loved ones. Join merchant tribes automatically to receive great insider perks. It has never been simpler or easier to divide the tab for your table. You can review and share the history of your transactions and receipts that we keep.

Leading technologists with extensive backgrounds in mobile technology, payment processing, and risk and fraud prevention are behind the design and maintenance of the Zapper app. To give you the best and most satisfying mobile payment experience possible, we are constantly enhancing our product lineup and adding new features and functionality.

By using Zapper, you get:

  1. Payments are fast, simple, and safe.
  2. Sign up for merchant tribes to receive incredible insider perks.
  3. Acquire and use free coupons
  4. Acquire reward points
  5. It’s simple to divide expenses among family and friends.
  6. Quickly locate local businesses
  7. Get in-app notifications and promotions
  8. Have confidence knowing your card information is securely protected.

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