Yummy Vegetable Recipes Pro

Yummy Vegetable Recipes Pro

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looking for the some great tasting Vegetable Recipes? YOU GOT IT!!

This incredible Vegetable Recipe app has all the Vegetable Recipes you will need. With these vegetable recipes, you can turn ordinary produce into exciting main dishes and sides that everyone will love.

All recipes are presented in the application with more detail about ingredients and directions. This app makes for an easy, yet healthy way to cook for two or more people. With this robust and enlightening Vegetable Recipes app, Not only will you find over 2000+ delicious vegetable recipes, but you’ll also find many recipes broken down into convenient categories according to they type of dish it is.

Now you can save a lot of time and effort and find that perfect vegetable recipe you’re looking for! No more need to flip through dozens of cookbook or magazine pages. Everything you need is right here in this app.

Here’s just a little taste of what you’ll get:

– Peppers
– Zucchini
– Squash
– Broccoli
– Green Beans
– Summer Squash
– Vegetable Stir-Fry
– Carrots
– Mushrooms
– Sweet Potatoes
– Vegetarian Dinners
– Corn
– Spinach
– Tomatoes

Main features of the app:
– PRO version with No advertising and add more many recipes to favorites, shopping list as you would like for easy viewing and shopping.

– Great photos for each recipes

– Visualize – A beautiful way to look at food with detail about ingredients and directions.

– Add entire recipes to your grocery shopping list with one click you can add a full recipe to your shopping list.

– Collect, save and organize your favorite recipes in your digital recipe box. Saving your favorite recipes couldn’t be easier. With the simple tap of a ‘heart’ button. Once saved, create collections for easy organization and viewing when cooking and grocery shopping.

– Share your favorite recipe or shopping list with your friend very easy.

We will continually be updating our app with more best recipes and features.

If you need help with anything, please drop us an email at [email protected] and keep up with what we are upto:

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