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Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market Services, Inc.
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  • 2009-06-17
    Release date
  • iOS 10.0 +
  • 9.1.7
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You can browse for food, order lunch or dinner, make a shopping list, and use the Whole Foods Market app.


Scan Your In-Store Code

With the In-Store Code, you can save 10% off sale items (excluding alcohol) and take advantage of seasonal specials. You can even pay for purchases at certain stores by scanning your code at the register. If you don’t receive service, that’s okay. You can access the code offline.


Browse Sales

Our app allows you to discover and add coupons for your favorite stores to your shopping list. With Prime, you can save 10% on hundreds of weekly sale prices (excluding alcohol). Just scan the In-Store Code at the register.


Order Lunch & Dinner To Go

You can order lunch and dinner for delivery or takeout from your nearest store and easily reorder your favorites. Choose from our signature dishes or customize your hot pizza, sandwich, sushi, salad, and more. Please check with your local store for availability.


Discover Product Selection

Find what you’re looking for in your local store, and filter results to find sales, local brands, and other unique dietary options. Add items directly to your list as you browse.


Create a Shopping List

Create a shopping list quickly by adding all the items you need. Using Alexa Shopping List, items are automatically grouped by department so that you can locate them quickly in-store.

Final Words

The Whole Foods Market app has been designed to help you on your journey to better health. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, reduce sugar, or get more nutrients in your diet, the app has the tools to help you make informed decisions and meet your health goals. The Whole Foods Market app is a comprehensive resource to help you find your favorite products and save money.

The Whole Foods Market app can be used by anyone looking to get fit, better manage their health, or be more conscious of what they put on their plate. Each day, millions of people find themselves searching for healthy options. We hope that you find our app helpful as you embark on this journey.

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