WW / Weight Watchers

WW / Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers International, Inc.
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  • 2009-09-19
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In the last 12 years, U.S. News & World Report has consistently named Weight Watchers the best diet for weight loss. The WW PersonalPoints™ Program is the first weight-loss program designed exclusively for you and your objectives—no two plans are alike. It has been shown to help you lose weight and feel great. 

Why Weight Watchers?

  • You don’t want to give up having fun (and the food that goes with it!).
  • You’re tired of fad diets or yo-yo dieting.
  • You’re ready for weight loss that feels simple—not like a chore.
  • You want a plan that’s individualized for you.

How it works

Weight Watchers provides a customized weight reduction program after you tell us about yourself and the foods you like. Our behavioral and nutrition scientists create your custom Points Budget, ZeroPoint foods list, and activity target. 

Once we’ve parsed the most critical, complicated nutritional information – calories, protein, fiber, unsaturated fats versus saturated fats, natural versus processed sugar – into a single quantity, the PersonalPoints value is generated. 


Using a Points Budget and ZeroPoint foods (which you don’t have to track), you can still lose weight while increasing the healthy choices in your diet. Our “What’s in Your Fridge?” tool can provide you with personalized meal ideas based on what you have in your fridge. 


Syncing your fitness device helps you reach your goals. You can achieve weight loss and health objectives by integrating more activity into your day. In addition, you can enjoy equipment-free workouts from obé Fitness anytime and anywhere to help you reach your goals. 


A team of behavioral psychologists at Breathe has created science-backed meditations to help people sleep better. Additionally, those who get less sleep are hungrier throughout the day. 

Important Notes

WeightWatchers / WW is our most comprehensive and adaptable weight-loss program. We give you everything you need to achieve optimum weight reduction. Weight-loss programs that only measure calories don’t deliver accurate results. From nutrition to activity to mindset and sleep, we see weight reduction as a whole rather than solely a calorie count. Your weight-loss plan will assist you in establishing healthy eating patterns and discovering patterns for developing healthy habits. With WW, no food is forbidden! We’ve created a new program that allows you to earn Points for eating non-starchy vegetables, drinking water, and being active. 

Final thoughts

Weight Watchers is the only weight-loss program that provides customized weight-loss plans for every individual. No two projects are alike; you decide what you want to eat and plan your weight loss. 

Personalized weight-loss plans are created after you complete an online assessment to discover your unique food sensitivities, weight goals, and level of exercise commitment. You’ll get a customized, individualized weight-loss program based on your specific needs.

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