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Virtual Wallet

PNC Bank, N.A.
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  • 2009-08-05
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  • iOS 9.0 +
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Virtual Wallet is an online service that lets you manage your PNC Bank savings, checking, and other accounts online. You can also use the iPhone and Android apps to connect to it. PNC Virtual Wallet has more features to assist with budgeting, seeing the big picture of your finances, and saving money than other online banks such as SmartyPig. However, PNC does not offer as much in the way of interest rates. 



Here are some of the Features available at PNC Virtual Wallet:

With the Virtual Wallet Money Bar, you can quickly see how much you have available for general spending. The Scheduled setting displays how much money you have allocated to pay upcoming bills. The Free setting indicates how much you can spend. It also shows how much money you have in savings. 

With the Calendar, you can view your bills, income, and expenditures daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also see red Danger Days if there is a possibility that your account will be overdrawn in the future. If you see red Danger Days, you can transfer funds from your Reserve stash or change the date you pay a bill. 

You can set up Online Bill Pay to make one-time or recurring payments, and Virtual Wallet will remind you when bills are due, so you don’t have to visit Virtual Wallet every day to stay on top of paying bills.

Setting up a budget and getting budget reports using the Spending Zone tool is done by assigning amounts to budget categories. View budgeted category totals, a listing of recent transactions, and graphical information showing your spending over the past year. 


Registration and Fees

You can open a Virtual Wallet account online without a $25 deposit, but if you open it in person, you must pay that amount. You can also waive the $7 monthly service charge if you maintain $500 in your Spend or Reserve accounts or make $500 in qualifying deposits in a specified time. 

The charge is also waived for people over the age of 62. You must pay a $3 fee for withdrawals at non-PNC ATMs, an $36 fee for overdrafts, a $2 charge for paper statements, and a $10 fee for cashier’s checks.


Transferring of Funds

Virtual Wallet provides three ways to send and receive money for free. You can move money between PNC bank accounts, use Zelle to send or receive money using an email address or mobile phone number, or set up your non-PNC accounts to send and receive transfers.



PNC Virtual Wallet is a great way to manage your money, but it doesn’t offer much interest. That’s because there is no interest rate on savings, checking, or money market accounts. However, it can be a way to save and get a little extra out of your investments. 


Once your PNC Virtual Wallet account is set up, you can manage your money at home and on the go—all from the convenience of your computer, phone, or tablet. All of your money is organized in a budget and spending zone, and you can use the tools to understand your finances in context.

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