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Learning bluegrass tunes and licks on the guitar, mandolin, banjo, and bass is made easier with the help of Tunefox, a web- and app-based learning tool. Tools like the skill slider, which is exclusive to Tunefox, are available. With a swipe of the finger, it enables one song to transition from simple to complex. Every instrument has a different style that we can learn.

There is plenty of variation to keep you engaged and motivated. Every song features switchable licks that let you pick up real bluegrass terminology and gain a fresh perspective on how to employ it in a song. Increasing your vocabulary for usage in improvisation helps a lot while learning a wide range of licks.

A song can be altered in almost any way. Once you are able to play a tune’s basic arrangement, you can utilize the skill slider to add a few additional notes to the basic arrangement. If you’re building a house, you lay the foundation first and then gradually add a few bricks at a time. The fill-in notes used around the learned fundamental arrangement can be changed using the variation slider. To top it all off, you can integrate a variety of licks into your playing to incorporate various styles and methods.

All of the standard practice tools are accessible in Tunefox, along with additional tools like memory-train, hide notes and tempo slider. Backing tracks, chords, and looping/measure selection are also available (these special tools are available on the web version).

Helping students develop into true musicians is our objective. We don’t want you to memorize a tune’s arrangement and then be limited to playing that version of the piece. There’s so much more to a solo, and much of it has to do with hearing bluegrass terminology and then understanding how it fits into a song you already know.

A free 30-day trial of Tunefox is available; after that, join to gain access to the following:

  • All songs, instruments, and licks are available at all times.
  • Lick Switcher and Skill Slider, two cutting-edge practice tools
  • Monthly additions of new tunes and licks

You won’t be charged right away for the subscription when your trial period is over. When you’re prepared to sign up as a member, you can select the subscription duration you want.

Subscription Pricing:

One-Month Subscription – All Instruments for $15.99
Three-Month Subscription – All Instruments for $24.99
One-Year Subscription – All Instruments for $89.99



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