Telehealth Online by HealthTap

Telehealth Online by HealthTap

  • Sep 25, 2011
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  • iOS 14.0 or later
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Get timely access to advanced, reasonably priced telehealth. Choose a primary care physician for routine visits, or access urgent care around the clock in seconds.

Without making an expensive or inconvenient journey to the doctor’s office, HealthTap provides a number of options to communicate with board-certified doctors based in the United States. Our doctors can recommend you to specialists, run lab tests, and interpret the results. Use it to contact a U.S. doctor while traveling overseas or in any of the 50 U.S. states.



  • Special access to continued primary care for $39 and urgent care for $59 per visit, 40% off 24/7.
  • HealthTap Prime offers discounts of up to 75% on prescription drugs. Begin looking for prescription medicine savings at local pharmacies.
  • Your doctor and you can text each other for free at any time.
  • Limited accessibility to primary care:
    – Select and maintain a primary care physician.
    – Protect your health by getting regular exams and screenings.
    – Over time, take care of any conditions or worries that persist.
  • Locate medical treatment that meets your needs, including men’s and women’s health, pediatric care, travel medicine, and sexual wellness.
  •  Ask your own confidential health question and receive a response within 24 hours, or search millions of reliable responses from 90,000 U.S. physicians representing 147 specialties.
  •  Using HealthTap AI, our doctor-trained and doctor-assisted chatbot, you can learn what might be causing your symptoms and what doctors often advise doing in a matter of seconds.
  •  One-on-one sessions with our partner, Talkspace, for one hundred dollars off.
  •  Safely save all of your medical records in a single, easy-to-use app with unlimited storage. Take advantage of the individualized attention provided by our experts, who will always customize their recommendations depending on your preference and medical history.
  •  All of your children’s care is provided without charging you an additional membership fee.


  •  24/7 Urgent Care – Get advice, medications, lab orders, and recommendations from the first doctor on call within seconds via video or text chat. Only $99 (retail price) for each appointment, or the copay required by your insurer.
  •  Just as with a HealthTap membership, you can continue to evaluate your conditions with HealthTap AI and ask doctors questions confidentially or find millions of reliable answers.

**Your privacy is very important to us. Your visit to the doctor is private and complies with HIPAA regulations.

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