StrengthLog – Workout Tracker

StrengthLog – Workout Tracker

Styrkelabbet AB
  • Oct 23, 2018
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  • iOS 12.0 or later
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The StrengthLog App serves as a workout journal as well as a resource for tried-and-true strength training methods and equipment that will hasten your progress. You may use it to track every workout, examine and evaluate your progress, and discover the best program for you.

Our objective is to create the app’s free version the greatest available free strength training journal! With its help, you’ll be able to record an endless number of workouts, add your own exercises, check the most basic data, and monitor your personal records. You’ll also have access to a number of well-known strength training courses, like Starting Strength and the Russian Squat Routine.

To access more advanced data (including everything you’ve already logged), our whole library of training plans, fantastic features like fast stats for sets, the option to record sets with reps in reserve (RIR) or rate of perceived exertion (RPE), and much, much more, you must move up to a premium subscription.

Powerlifting, bodybuilding, power building, push/pull/legs, and routines for the squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, and powerlifting are all included in the premium version. Additionally, we keep introducing additional programs.

A set timer, calculators for calorie requirements, Wilks and Sinclair points, and estimates for one rep max (ORM) are among the many free tools included in the app.


  • Record any number of workouts.
  • Make a plan for your workouts.
  • Rest timer between sets
  • Basic data on training intensity and workouts
  • PR monitoring
  • Several calculators and tools, such as advised warm-ups before PR attempts and 1RM estimates
  • Well-liked and successful strength-training regimens like the Russian Squat Routine and Starting Strength
  • Provide Apple Health with your data

— You will get access to the following as a subscriber —

  • All of our premium programs, including those for push/pull/legs, powerlifting, bodybuilding, power building, and individual lifts (squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press).
  • Advanced data for monitoring and evaluating your power, training volume, specific lifts and routines, and more
  • Summary data for every exercise, each muscle group, and your whole training regimen
  • Advanced logging options, including fast metrics for each set and Rate of Perceived Exertion or Reps in Reserve.
  • For certain activities, advanced timer features like intervals and unique rest times


You can sign up for automatically renewing subscriptions to our premium edition of the StrengthLog App in-app.

  • Select from one month ($12.95), three months ($28.95), or twelve months ($89.95).
  • If you don’t cancel your subscription at least twenty-four hours before the expiration date of the current period, a new one will begin immediately and be billed to your App Store account when you receive confirmation of the purchase.
  • During the time that a subscription is active, it cannot be canceled. Nevertheless, you have the option to enable or disable auto-renewal in your App Store account settings.


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