StarTracker Lite-Mobile SkyMap

StarTracker Lite-Mobile SkyMap

Shen Ji Pan
  • Education
  • 2014-03-20
    Release date
  • iOS 8.0 +
  • FREE

Hey, get outdoors with your friends and start star gazing! Let StarTracker guide you to explore the universe.

Just hold up and point the device to the sky and have fun! You can see any stars, constellations, and deep sky objects you are watching in reality.

What our user said:
“Best star gazing app I’ve ever used. Very well put together and has great visuals!!! From end to end, this app is a must-have for anyone interested in astronomy!!”

“This app is a marvel of technology, art, and science. Super smooth operation, great graphics, and a great merging of the device’s capabilities. Having grown up using star charts and compasses, this app feels like science fiction come to life. Great job!”

“Looking at the sky was never this incredible!”

“If you download only one app, make sure it’s this one!! This is one of the best apps I’ve ever seen, period! Its quality is unmatched among star gazing apps!”

• All data is offline!
• Sun, Moon, planets, 88 Constellations, and 8000+ stars visible to the naked eye.
• 12 Zodiac Constellations Art & 6 famous deep sky objects with magnificent graphics.
• 3D compass in AR mode, indicate the position of objects you searched.
• Location auto-set by GPS or set manually.
• Auto hide all menus and enter AR track mode when lifting the device and pointing to the sky.
• Smooth motion flow and quick response which is realized by cutting-edge signal processing techniques.
• Superb high-quality graphic display by enabling the retina display of the device and the full-screen anti-aliasing technology employment.

Pro version:
• Full 88 Constellations & 100+ deep sky objects with magnificent graphics.
• Search and guide you to stars, constellations, planets, and deep-sky objects.
• Time Machine menu and location menu to encourage children to explore more on time and location dimensions.
• Night mode switch, to protect children’s eyes when doing star gazing outdoors.

• Top Left: Location Menu, choose a location from a world map.
• Bottom Left: AR Compass indicator in AR track mode, pan the screen to enter un-track mode and click the track button to back.

• When under un-track mode, just lift the screen and point it to the sky to enter AR track mode.

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