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  • 2009-09-23
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Using the Starbucks app (iOS | Android), you can pay for your food and beverages by scanning your phone screen at the register instead of using your wallet. Rewards are also available, such as free drinks and other discounts.


You’ll find a few distinctions between iOS and Android applications in terms of design. The Android app’s design is rather basic, has a lot of space, and is a bit dull.

The iOS app, on the other hand, has recently been upgraded to iOS  7, and it includes a sleek, flat design with a dashboard on the primary screen. It seems more polished and colorful than the Android app. I hope Starbucks updates its Android title to make it more contemporary.


The Starbucks apps require you to make an account to use them. Because your purchases are recorded on your account, you may get perks. You may either sign up for a new account with Facebook on Starbucks’ website or use an email address and password to log in to the app.

Payment Method

You want to include a payment method in the app so that you can refill your card when needed. Starbucks accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. You may either choose to have your card automatically reloaded when your balance drops below a certain amount, or you may manually add money.

You must decide on one of the predetermined quantities, which start at $10 and go up in $5 increments to $100. It’s disappointing that you can’t enter your amount.

How to Use?

You’re now ready to visit Starbucks for your morning latte or late-afternoon Frappuccino, armed with nothing but your cellphone. As you approach the counter, open the app and select the card you want to pay with (the people behind you will be grateful that you are prepared). When you select a card, you will receive a barcode that the cashier will scan to complete your order. You will simply show them the barcode, and they will tell you where to put your phone, so they can scan it.

On Android, you must tap the “Pay now” button on the main screen to pay with your default card. On iOS, you can pay by shaking your phone if you have more than one card.

Rewards System

The purpose of the Starbucks app other than getting you to spend your money on coffee beverages is to earn rewards. There is a rewards system that enables you to earn free drinks, free meals, and other discounts.

There are two reward levels; green and gold. You can get free refills on drip coffee or tea on the same visit, a free drink on your birthday, and other unique offers as a result of your green level status. After 12 transactions, you will earn a free meal or drink free refills, and a discount from Starbucks’ online store if you reach the gold level. Each transaction is a star in the app. You must earn five stars to reach the green level, and then you must earn 30 in 12 months to reach the gold level. If you do, your gold status will be preserved.

On the Android and iOS versions of the application, there’s a Starbucks cup that fills with stars as you earn them. When you earn stars, the dashboard on the primary screen of the iOS app shows you how many more you need to earn to reach the next tier, as well as your current reward level.


The Starbucks app is a slightly dated, yet beautifully designed & functional mobile application that makes it easy to order and pay for drinks at your favorite drive-thru coffee shop. The Starbucks app can be used on both iOS and Android devices, and it allows you to add and manage multiple payment credit cards with ease.

If you are a frequent Starbucks customer, you can use the app to manage your rewards status, get points for completing daily offers, or even schedule your order ahead of time.

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