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Healthy skin for every body starts with knowing what ingredients are in everyday products. Expert knowledge is now in your hands through the world’s most comprehensive skin product ingredient database brought to you by HER Inc.

By knowing exactly what’s in your products, you’re able to keep your skin free from chemicals, irritants and allergens. You should never have to suffer a bad skin day because you do not know what’s inside your everyday products. That’s SkinSAFE.

– Easily search and browse thousands of products safe for your skin
– Create a personalized list of your favorite products based on their ingredients
– Instantly scan your favorite products to see if they are healthy and safe for you
– Avoid the top most common allergy-causing ingredients and filter out allergens you wish to exclude
– Buy directly from retailers
– Get a Patient Allergy Code from your doctor to find products safe for your specific skin allergies

With this revolutionary piece of technology simply filter thousands of products free of allergens and discover products right for you, your skin and your lifestyle.

We rank all products based on how free they are from the top most common allergy causing ingredients identified by Mayo Clinic – we call this our Top Free score. You can also apply filters for specific ingredients you wish to avoid.
Skin. Safe. Tailored to you, and your skin.

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