Senior Savings

Senior Savings

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  • 2013-09-17
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Save at hundreds of places – Restaurants, Groceries, Travel, Entertainment and more. We’ve collected more than 200 places that offer discounts for seniors, starting at age 50, and organized them for you.

If you belong to that huge association of retired people*, we include their discounts as well, and even more discounts at places that want to encourage seniors to shop, dine and visit their businesses. Just one discount will probably save you more than the cost of this app, so you don’t have anything to lose.

Discounts are organized by category:
Travel and Lodging

Each discount page tells you the age you need to be to use the discount, details of the discount and any restrictions on it.

*For years we used the abbreviation for that organization in our app description. We used it in the way tens of thousands of articles, websites and new publications do, as a descriptive term, not trying to claim to be associated with, or approved by, that organization. Fair Use is covered by US legal code 15 U.S.C. §1115(b)(4), which allows for use “(i) other than as a mark, (ii) in a descriptive sense, and (iii) in good faith.” We felt we were covered by that, but an over-eager paralegal at that four-letter organization felt otherwise and complained to Apple. While we figure we’re in the right, and that we could prevail in a lawsuit, a standard trademark dispute would probably run about $250,000, which we can’t afford. Additionally, if you do a cursory internet search including the terms “AAR*” and “coupons” or “discounts,” you’ll get more than 150,000 results, everything from coupon clickbait sites to magazines like Money using that trademarked term multiple times in articles discussing the discounts available to seniors that are members of the association. How many takedown notices have they issued against all of those websites? No clue, but I bet its a number approaching zero.

We dislike being bullied, and we also dislike large corporations being able to use the threat of the court system to force small businesses or individuals to forgo what should be Fair Use. So we’re changing our app description to not use their four-letter abbreviation of their organization name, but also want to make our feelings clear. The reason BMW can use the name Mercedes or Audi in an ad is because a) it’s Fair Use and b) because they have as much money as either of those other two companies, so everyone knows that a trademark lawsuit will be vigorously defended.

For further reading, check out these articles:

So, to be clear, we are not associated with any organized nonprofit group of retired people and have not been approved by them. All of the discounts we include in this app have been collected from publicly available sources on the internet and from our users who suggest new ones.

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