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  • 2009-06-08
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RSA SecurID tokens are the original, patented two-factor authentication tokens. RSA SecurID software tokens eliminate token record management and distribution issues by self-registering, automatically seeding, never expiring, and accepting fingerprint verification instead of a traditional PIN. Using RSA SecurID tokens across your devices and implementing two-factor authentication can make conducting business convenient.

RSA has cultivated its authentication portfolio to address evolving end-user requirements as technology has advanced. RSA SecurID tokens have been associated with the RSA band for 30 years. RSA SecurID Software tokens are economical and convenient, and use the same algorithm as the RSA SecurID key fob token. The symmetric key of the software token, which is secured on a user’s PC, smartphone, or USB device rather than in hardware, is available. 


  • Using a one-time password credential, you can generate an OTP Authenticate OTP software password. Reusing passwords is less secure than using one-time passwords.
  • When you receive a push notification, you must authenticate by tapping a button on your registered device.
  • Using the biometrics available on your device, you can authenticate using biometrics.

What is RSA SecurID Software Token used for?

RSA tokens can be utilized for a variety of purposes and applications. Employees may be granted access to company networks using them. RSA tokens can also be used to secure desktop architectures, defend web portals, and protect web servers. 

How it Works

The SecurID authenticator generates a unique key (a secret or symmetric key). An algorithm combines the key with a code to produce a new one every 60 seconds. The user logs on by combining his personal identification number (PIN), which only he knows, with the code. 


RSA SecurID tokens are specifically designed for use in environments that employ existing authentication solutions. The tokens are particularly useful for applications where access to or management of data or assets is critical, and the benefits of two-factor authentication outweigh the costs.

They offer a flexible, cost-effective, and convenient solution for managing enterprise access and protecting critical assets like network infrastructure. These tokens are easy to deploy and require minimal training and resources.

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