ScoutLook: Best Hunting App

ScoutLook: Best Hunting App

HuntLogix, LLC
  • Free Weather Apps
  • 2012-10-02
    Release date
  • iOS 9.0 +
  • FREE

Scoutlook app provides hunters with a free hunting weather app that includes a GPS map, global weather forecasts, landowner information, and GPS property lines. With ScoutLook Hunting, hunters can log deer and other games, measure distances and areas, and much more! Save unlimited hunting locations (treestands, blinds, trail cameras, etc.).

Weather Forecasts

A weather forecast for hunting includes temperature, cloud coverage, precipitation, barometric pressure, wind speed, moon phase, and radar and cloud coverage maps. Besides sunrise and sunset times, hunters can also rely on peak game activity times.

Property Lines

The ScoutLook Hunting app has just added a new feature called Property Lines. This tool lets you view property lines in all 50 states, covering 97 percent of the United States. You can see landowner information such as landowner names, addresses, mailing addresses, and acreage. It’s quick and straightforward to use, with no delays.

ScentCone Wind Map

With ScentCone Wind Map, you can precisely plan your next deer hunt by seeing where the scent will blow throughout the day for seven days. Save the optimal wind conditions for each location; ScentCone will help you determine the best sites for a specific wind condition. Every time you hunt, you can pick the best hunting stand! Log your deer sightings in your free online account and sort the logs according to weather conditions. ScentCone’s features work well for hunting big game, predators, and wild hogs.

Waterfowl Hunting

Hunters can use our SetZone Wind Map to find the best spots to set up their duck and goose decoys by looking at the 7-day wind forecast. Hunters can also track the flight patterns of waterfowl by recording their observations in Waterfowl mode.

Map Details

ScoutLook hunting maps load quickly and accurately, providing four layers: a satellite map, a topographic map, a road map, and property boundary lines with landowner information. You may navigate using your smartphone’s GPS even without an internet connection.


Trustworthy advertisers with ad revenue support the free version of ScoutLook Hunting. The Property Lines tool can be purchased for $5.99/month in the app.


A free hunting weather app, ScoutLook Hunting provides hunters with GPS maps of hunting properties, global weather forecasts, property lines, owner information, and more. ScoutLook Hunting allows hunters to log deer and other animals, measure distance and area, and much more. There are no delays when accessing this tool, making it quick and straightforward. 

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