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  • 2011-12-15
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Besides serving as a remote control alternative, the Roku mobile app enables me to listen to my favorite shows and movies with private listening on The Roku Channel when I am away from home and discover new content.

You must connect your mobile device to the same wireless network as your Roku device to use the Roku mobile application. Certain features require a compatible Roku device, and logging into your account may be required.



You can search across all the most well-known streaming services in one go with Roku’s universal search function, so you can find what you want fast and easily.

Roku enables you to search for content, launch entertainment, control streaming, and cast your phone to your TV with a simple touch of the voice icon. The free Roku TV app currently supports English voice commands and searches. You can also control your Roku TV with your phone using your voice: “Switch to HDMI 1,” “Set a sleep timer for 60 minutes,” and more.

You can adjust the volume using the private listening mode on the Roku mobile app. Connect your headset to your phone and adjust the volume as you please. With up to three friends on their phones simultaneously, you can join them.

Your smartphone’s photos, videos, and music can be shared from your smartphone to your TV straightforwardly. You can also create impressive slideshows and video content starring you and your family. Your friends can even share photos and videos from their mobile devices simultaneously.


File types are supported on Roku.

  • Photos: JPG and PNG
  • Video: MP4 (MPEG-4 Pt 14), MOV, M4V
  • Music: MP3 and M4A (*DRM-protected music files, such as M4P, are not supported)



  • Only videos captured with your mobile device are supported.
  • Non-standard aspect ratio videos (such as those taken with Instagram) may not be supported.



The Roku mobile app is a free download on Android and iOS platforms. It enables you to search for content, launch entertainment, control streaming, and cast your phone on your TV with just a few taps on the screen. This app is the last remote control you’ll ever need.

No longer do you have to rely on a set of remotes or rely on other people to navigate your content library. You can browse, play, and control your media on your sofa or bed with the help of a single app.

You can also browse all the most well-known streaming services in one go and keep your eye on what’s new. With a few taps on the screen, find new TV shows, movies, live sports, and more. You can even cast your phone to your TV to use it as a remote control. Roku’s free, ad-supported classic films, original programs, and live TV are not premium video streaming services, but they are still worthwhile.

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