Rock Identifier: Stone ID

Rock Identifier: Stone ID

Next Vision Limited
  • Mar 10, 2021
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  • iOS 13.0 or later
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A single tool for identifying stones, crystals, minerals, and gemstones is the Rock Identifier. You may use the app to learn everything about a rock or crystal by simply taking or uploading a photo of it. With Rock Identifier, you may explore the geology around you, learn about various rocks, and interact with the environment.


  • Numerous rocks are readily identifiable.
  • Remarkably accurate identification
  • Many sources of information on rocks
  • Excellent and easy interface
  • In the app’s rock collection, keep track of all your best geological observations.
  • Users may now search for more than 6000 different types of rock thanks to improvements to the search tool.
  • Updated more geological educational materials and content
  • Users may now submit local images to their collection and add more details to each rock, such as where it was produced, when they bought it, how much it cost, and its size.

Crystal, Mineral, and Rock Identifier

++ Get a quick, precise identification by taking a picture of any crystals or gemstones. This rock scanner software can identify more than 6,000 different types of rocks and minerals, making it useful for anyone who wishes to recognize, analyze, and learn more about the features of stones.

Encyclopedia of Stone and Crystal

++ The Rock Identifier app includes specific information about each stone or crystal it has identified, such as its name, chemical composition, hardness, color variations, and the principal sites where it may be found.

Regardless of whether you’re a novice rock hunter trying to identify the stones you’ve found or an expert crystal collector wanting to increase your geological knowledge, Rock Identifier gives the simplest and most complete rock guide.

Gemstones: Genuine vs. Fake

++ With the use of this app, users may learn how to determine whether a gemstone or crystal is real based on factors like color, cleavage and fracture, touch, shape, transparency, and others by reading in-depth and useful articles about gemstone identification methods.

Discover Trendy Stones

++ Discover the enigmatic therapeutic properties of crystals and discover more information about birthstones, the zodiac, and much more by downloading this rock scanner app.

Individual Consultation from a Rock Expert

++ This scanner app gives email support for one-on-one inquiry assistance in addition to a vibrant, professional understanding of mineralogy and petrology.

Collections of Unusual Rocks

++ Use the Collection tool to display all of your stone and mineral collectibles; create a wishlist for attractive crystals and gemstones. Additionally, the software will automatically keep a record of your ID information so you can find it later.

More individuals may now explore and learn about their immediate geological environment thanks to the creation of Rock Identifier.

Get the app now to improve your adventure through crystals and stones and become a rock enthusiast.


Rock Identifier Premium details:

  • Name of Subscription: Yearly Premium
  • One-year subscription period (7 days trial)
  • Users will receive a 1-year Rock Identifier Premium subscription, which includes unlimited rock identification, extensive rock information, and no watermarks or advertisements.

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