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Pose Max

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Pose Max is an app that provides human pose references for those who require them. 

It includes thirty distinct character types: students, sci-fi warriors, skeletons, Santa Claus, cowboys, swat teams, ninjas, zombies, boys, girls, robots, and more. All base characters are customizable in this app. 

You can alter the color of the body, set the arm length, ear size, foot size, hand size, head size, face details, and more.


  • 30+ different types of characters.
  • 145 animations: walk, run, punch, fly, cry, laugh, dance, sing, greet, angry, happy, sad, clap, Idle, kick, jump, death, drink, injured, kip up, kneel, power up, pray, rally, shy, sneak, swim, swing, yawn, etc.
  • 100+ body poses and 30 hand poses.
  • Switch to the cartoon sketch mode with just one touch.
  • You can change the light direction, light intensity, light color, etc.
  • 40+ options for customizing the body
  • You can use the ‘Mirror’ tool to get a new mirror pose with just one touch.
  • It supports 100 undo/redo operations.
  • One touch to clear the screen – all buttons/scroll bars can be hidden. So you can draw the figure on the screen without interference.
  • You can set the background grid, color, image, etc.
  • You can save pose pictures to the gallery or record character animations to the gallery.
  • You can use these post-effects processing options: Bloom, Anamorphic Flare, Chromatic Aberration, Vignetting, Outline, Blur, Pixelate, and over 40 cinematic LUTs.

Quick Start

  1. Choose a character
  2. Set the pose.
  3. Enjoy

How to select a body part

  1. You can select a body part from the drop-down list.
  2. Or you can directly click a body part to select it.

How to change the pose of a body part

  1. Select the body part.
  2. Use the scroll bars to set the pose (twist/Front-Back/Side-Side)


Pose Max is an app that allows you to create custom 3D avatars of yourself or your friends. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your social media profile or simply have some fun creating different looks for your avatar. The app is free to download and use, so give it a try today!

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