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  • Aug 20, 2018
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  • iOS 10.0 or later
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Plankpad is an app for Android and iPhone or iPad that mixes a fitness tracker with games and exercises.
Your attention is drawn more to the game when you play than to the passing seconds.
This lengthens your plank practice and helps you attain your goals more quickly while having fun.

Simply download the app, synchronize it with the Plankpad’s straight alignment, then select a game or workout to begin. The software also shows you how to perform the ideal plank.

The Plankpad must be balanced both left and right in order to play the game. Your mobile device’s gyroscope and the app are perfectly synchronized with the Plankpad. Each and every person can find a game they enjoy, including Duck Shoot, Candy Monster, Meteor Madness, Pong Soccer, Wave Rider, and Snow Cruisin’ and there will be much more in the future.

Your workout will go a lot longer because the games will make you work out harder to accumulate increasingly more points while making you lose track of time.

There is also a gym area in addition to the games. When performing the plank workouts, the PlankPad must remain straight.

We developed two games specifically for balancing because the Plankpad may also be utilized as a Balance Board to improve motor coordination, enhance response time, and avoid accidents. You play entertaining games while exercising your lower muscles and improving your body’s balance and stability while using the balance board to transform into a snowboard or surfboard.

It’s your turn to play now! Thanks to Plankpad, you may quickly strengthen your core, develop muscles, get rid of back problems, and acquire a six-pack!


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