PbNation Connect

PbNation Connect

  • Paid Social Apps
  • 2010-08-03
    Release date
  • iOS 4.3 +
  • 1.99$

You can’t always play paintball when you want, but this iPhone app allows you to stay connected to PbNation.com, the world’s most popular paintball community, even on the go.

This custom PbNation iPhone application allows you to access all of the content on PbNation.com, as well as giving you the ability to read, post, and send private messages quickly.

The application also allows you to view subscribed threads, and even receive push notifications when people post in your subscribed threads or you receive a private message. Annual Supporting Members can even post photo attachments on the go, right from their phones.

Once you’ve installed the application, be sure to customize your browsing experience via the PbNation Connect options found in your iPhone’s Settings application.

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