Oscar Enterprise: Oscar Seniors

Oscar Enterprise: Oscar Seniors

Mar 9, 2016
  • Oscar Senior s.r.o.
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  • iOS 12.1 or later
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Oscar Enterprise enables senior consumers to age comfortably and maintains their energy. Our telecare solution allows caretakers to communicate with seniors more successfully using video conversations, text messaging, and other touchpoints.

You have a strong weapon to combat the loneliness and social exclusion of senior care recipients with the Oscar Enterprise platform. The ability of the caregivers to bring in entertainment, offer knowledge via the platform, interact with senior users, and administer medication would improve the general well-being of seniors.

The overall picture of how the care users are doing and the care that has been given is valued by the care managers.

The Oscar Enterprise platform will enable communication between care recipients and their relatives and caregivers even for those who are not particularly tech-savvy. It’s the Oscar Enterprise platform, which is user-friendly and suited to seniors.


– Simple one-touch group calls, video calls, and automatically replied calls
– Sending operators and care providers call requests
– Webinars and online workouts
– Sharing of documents, films, and images
– Talking to one or more people
– Access to news, games, and safe Internet browsing
– Monitoring the physical activity and health of seniors
– Updates on the local weather
– Screensavers with images
– Remote access account setup and setting for the senior
– Setting up reminders for events and medications
– Management of prescription drugs and medications
– Applying your own applications to the Oscar Enterprise user interface.
– Adding and erasing accounts for elderly people, caretakers, and perhaps friends and family
– The platform’s ability to be white-labeled
– Comprehensive Oscar Enterprise platform customization
– Ability to create custom features

** If you are a family member and the Oscar Senior team or the care organization has not yet set up your account, do not download this platform. To access your care organization’s business project, you must have your login and password.


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