Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club

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  • 2010-09-06
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  • iOS 10.0 +
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You can run better and more frequently with Nike Run Club, which offers everything you need to do so, including GPS tracking of your runs, audio-guided workouts, weekly and monthly distance challenges to keep you motivated, personalized coaching plans that fit your goals, and change as you advance, and constant peer pressure. Simply put, we’ll assist you in achieving your objectives while making the journey more enjoyable.



  • Full Apple Watch Series 3 Support
  • Tracks and Stores All Your Runs and Records
  • Audio Guided Running Workouts with Nike Coaches and Athletes
  • Join Weekly and Monthly Distance Challenges to Keep You Motivated and Moving
  • Personalized Coaching Plans for Your Goals
  • Trophies and Badges to Celebrate Your Achievements
  • Compete on Leaderboards
  • In-Run Cheers from Friends
  • Easily Share Your Runs with Your Friends


Supports Apple Watch and Apple Watch Nike+

Get the best running buddy there is—on your wrist. The Nike Run Club app works with all versions of the Apple Watch and is designed to be easy to use while running.

Scroll down on the main screen to choose a goal or start an Audio Guided Run with one of Nike’s coaches or athletes. Swipe to the left to get to Settings and turn on Cheers to hear cheers from your friends while you run. And don’t forget to look at your Activity History to see what happened on your last few runs. Series 2 and 3 Apple Watches are the only ones that can use GPS.


Audio Guided Running Workouts with Nike Coaches and Athletes

Get advice, motivation, and inspiration from Nike’s coaches as well as top athletes like Mo Farah and entertainers like Kevin Hart through in-ear audio. The workouts are meant to help runners get stronger, faster, and more durable while having fun. Also, intervals are marked automatically along the way, so all you have to do is press the start button and go. Each run has a playlist that goes with it, so connect to Apple Music or Spotify to get the most out of it.


Challenges to Keep You Motivated

Join the global community of runners at Nike and take part in weekly and monthly distance challenges designed to keep you moving and motivated. Get things done, reach your goals, and go the distance.


Personalized Coaching Plans Adapt to You

Nike Coach has a plan for you whether you want to start running, get in better shape, or get ready for a race. One that starts with your goals and current level of fitness and changes as you get fitter.


Trophies and Badges to Celebrate Your Achievements

Get pumped up and earn trophies when you beat your Records, like running the 5K the fastest or running the farthest. Try to earn a new badge every month or see how long you can keep your running streak going.


Customizable Post-Run Sharing with Friends

You can make your activity posts more personal by adding photos, stats, and stickers. You can also choose who can see them, whether it’s everyone on your social networks or just your Nike friends.



Overall, we think the Nike+ Run Club App is a great choice for runners of all levels. It’s simple to use, has a ton of features and customization options, and is supported by one of the most popular running brands in the world. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for a new challenge or a complete beginner just starting, the Nike+ Run Club App is worth checking out.

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