NAGA – Invest in Forex & Stocks

NAGA – Invest in Forex & Stocks

  • Oct 20, 2015
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  • iOS 13.0 or later
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Join the +1 million individuals who watch and mimic the top trades of top traders around the world. An all-inclusive option for the beginning of your financial journey is social trading on NAGA. The chance exists for professional traders to receive commissions from each person who duplicates their deals!

Trade 1000+ assets, including stocks, currencies, index, and more — Reduce commissions by coordinating all trades through a single app. NAGA provides more than a thousand investment options, including equities, gold, silver, oil, Tesla, and other commodities.

Copy successful trades with a single click — With only one click, copy the trading tactics of the most successful investors. Let the experts conduct the study, and just follow along. Select the top traders who fit your market and price range.

Earn with seasoned investors — A strong community of 1,000,000 users makes up the social trading platform NAGA. If your trades are profitable, others will start copying them quickly, and you’ll get paid $0.60 for each trade they make! Every day, more than 1000 trades are replicated from top NAGA traders.

Earn while you learn — NAGA Academy provides live coaching, seminars, and professional analysis of the most recent trade news. The best thing is that you can use these tools to put your knowledge to use in real deals.

Amazingly fast withdrawals — Become in charge of your investment. Using 20 various international solutions is an alternative that NAGA offers you for free when making deposits and withdrawals.

NAGA Card — Own a NAGA Card that is connected to a trading account. Instantly deposit your trading gains to your card, which you can then use to make purchases wherever you are.

Excellent Security — An established fintech business is NAGA. We have a Frankfurt Stock Exchange listing and are regarded as a reliable financial authority. The business assures the complete security of your information and transactions and complies with all data, privacy, and security requirements.


— Be Responsible: Because CFDs are trading instruments, there is a chance that you could lose money fast due to leverage taxation. Retail consumers lose 80.85% of their trading profits when they use these offers to trade CFDs. Be cautious while selecting CFDs and in your behavior, and be aware that there is a great danger that you will lose your money. —

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