MyDays X Pro

MyDays X Pro

Christian Mueller
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  • 2012-01-03
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  • iOS 8.0 +
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MyDays X – The Original Period & Ovulation Calendar to track your Cycle Days

— I love it — Really!
Congratulations! Out of 100,000+ apps, MyDays X has been selected by leading doctors as a top health app. Based on its medical accuracy, its utility in supporting health or healthy living goals, and usability, MyDays X has received the award from HealthTap AppRx Top Health and Medical Apps reports.

*** MyDays X predicts your fertile days and your next periods ***

• “Intelligent Notifications” based on your Location and Time
• Great Community Chat to share your experience with other Users
• Pregnancy Mode
• Track more than 20 Symptoms and remember your Breast Self-examination
• Optional manual entry of your Ovulation days and next period prediction
• Track when you had sex (how often, protected/unprotected)
• Keep an eye on your blood flow and mood.
• embedded eMail support for your cycle History to your doctor

• Backup/Restore via MyDays Cloud Backup, Email or WiFi

MyDays X – Period & Ovulation Calendar is the simplest way to track your female data.

• NuvaRing and any other birth Control based on Insert/Remove after x Days
• Partner email, email your Partner how u felt in the last days and what coming next
• Disable Daily Options, for example for kids or when you don’t like to get pregnant

Simpler, Better, More Features and the Best Community

• See the possible gender your baby may be
• Track your Cervix position, openness, firmness & feeling
• Track OPK Results (negative, fertile, peak/ovulation)
• Visualize Moon-phases

The new MyDays ROCKS! More innovative features than ever!

• Password Lock for your Security
• Add the actual cycle day to the calendar days
• Disable the predictions for period or ovulation on the calendar
• Filter what you like to see in your History List (eg. only Data from 2014)
• Multi User (track yourself, your daughter, or a close friend)?
• Create your Calendar Themes!?

• Add text notes – remember if you took your pill
• Overwrite the predicted ovulation with your manual set day
• Adjustable Luteal phase
• Option to see old predictions?

• Reset preferences and data should you lose an overview
• Rename Symptoms Fields for your Needs
• Get an overview by Chart for your temperature (BMT) and weight measures

• Choose the start day of the week
• Cycle and Period Length can be calculated automatically
• Unit Measures in Kg/Lbs/Stone Celsius/Fahrenheit?
• More than 20 Languages


MyDays, is the easy tracking & prediction calendar for your period, ovulation, and fertility.

——– ?Remember:?MyDays does pinpoint the ‘high fertile’ days.
However, you can become pregnant on other days! Usage is your responsibility.
For more Help & Hint, see Preferences -> About -> Visit MyDays – Homepage

* “MyDays X Pro” contains NO ADS, The FREE ad-supported version is available here:

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