My Mixtapez Music

My Mixtapez Music

My Mixtapez
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  • 2012-06-19
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  • iOS 9.0 +
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My Mixtapez provides the hip-hop music community with music and news. In addition to independent artists of all sorts of musical genres, you can discover your favorite sounds. 


Listen to music

Rap music fans can listen to hot new music playlists from their favorite artists or just jam out to their favorite rap tunes, no matter where they are. We offer the most outstanding and genuine rap listening experience


News updates

On the My Mixtapez Discover page, you can keep up with the latest on your favorite artists, including the latest news, court cases, and more. You can also keep up with the latest information about rap and hip-hop artists, industry updates, new music releases, and more. 


Discover new music

Keep track of hot new music releases from mainstream and independent artists such as NBA Youngboy, CardiB, and Lil Durk with My Mixtapez team-curated playlists featuring your favorite artists such as Future, Kodak Black, Lil Baby, and Travis Scott. Discover independent artist music and some of hip-hop’s biggest names. 


Build playlist

Create a playlist of the hottest remixes, rap albums, and more to share with your friends. Listen to and stream your favorite rap and hip-hop artists from one free music app. Listen to and download the newest mixtapes, singles, and videos from our music player. Listen to music from your favorite rap and hip-hop artists, online or offline. 


Share playlist

My Mixtapez allows you to stream and share new rap music from independent artists. Listen to hot new music and share it with your friends anytime and anywhere. Support local artists and rappers by sharing music and promoting them: share playlists, songs, albums, and more. 


Final thoughts

My Mixtapez is the hottest new music app available. With over 2,000,000 downloads, we are the favorite music app on the market. From the creators of Rap Genius and Boi-1da’s Songza, My Mixtapez has arrived. We curate and deliver the freshest music found anywhere, no matter where it comes from. Whether you’re a rap fan, hip-hop enthusiast, or just want to discover some new music, My Mixtapez is the hottest new music app available.  Never miss a beat.

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