My Cake Calculator

My Cake Calculator

Gateaux sur Mesure Paris
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  • 2018-11-17
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  • iOS 11.0 +
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This calculator was designed by the School of Cake Design of Paris.
It allows you to calculate in real time the number of shares of your wedding cakes and the amount of sugar paste needed to cover your cakes. All sizes are possible!
You will visualize your creation with a 3D preview. You will be able to choose the colors and textures for each tier and define the composition of your cake!
The application will offer you cutting plans for your floors of all possible sizes. You can print a real size map.
You can also manage your recipes and calculate the quantities of ingredients, the cost and the weight of your cake.
You can also do conversions in all units useful in pastry (cup, oz, lb, kg, °F, …).
Everything is calculated in real time, nothing is predefined, you do what you want!

This app does not display any ads but requires a subscription for PRO features.

The features are as follows:
– Choice of the shape for each floor among 18 possible shapes (text, round, square, cone, heart, star, flower, pyramid, …).
– Ability to add pillars (number and size configurable).
– Choice of the size of the shares (classic, generous or personalized).
– Select the type of cake (traditional or entremet).
– Real time calculation of the number of parts and the quantity of sugar paste required.
– Choose the composition of your cake (number of layers, cream thickness and colors).
– 3D preview of the outside and inside of your cake.
– Display of the cut plan of the floors of your cake. All sizes are possible because the plans are calculated in real time by our powerful algorithm.
– Expert mode: place your tiers as you wish (by specifying the coordinates of each floor).
– Choose the color of the tiers and the board.
– Ability to choose a texture for each tier.
– Define if a tier is dummy, naked or rainbow.
– Define your ingredients and recipes biscuits, fillings and smoothing ganaches), the app will calculate the quantities of ingredients, the cost and the weight of your cake.
– Export your project, recipes, ingredients and cutting plan in PDF format (A4, A3 or Letter format).
– Print your cutting plans at full size, you just have to stick sheets between them.
– Save your cake projects for later review.
– Tool to calculate the number of parts of a mold of any shape.
– Unit converter (mass, volume, temperature, length): all units required for pastry are present (US, UK, international).
– Export your cake to print in 3D or import it into your favorite 3D software!
– Choice of units (cm / in – kg / lb).
– 7 languages ??available (French, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German and Portuguese).
– View pictures of our creations.
– Back up / restore your settings in / from the cloud.
– New features in future releases!

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