My Account Manager For Twitter

My Account Manager For Twitter

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  • 2012-04-02
    Release date
  • iOS 5.0 +
  • 2.99$

My Account Manager is the ultimate tool for managing your followers and friends in Twitter.

With its clean design and intuitive interface, My Account Manager ENRICHES THE TWITTER EXPERIENCE by making it incredibly easy to follow, unfollow, block, and unblock users on Twitter the SMART WAY. Find out who just unfollowed you, who is not following you back, and much more…

Whether your goal is to find interesting people to follow, get rid of those who don’t follow you back, maintain a balanced list of friends and followers, or to clean your followers’ list from potential spammers, with Twitter Manager YOU’RE ALWAYS IN CONTROL.

With just a FRACTION of the monthly subscription fee you would have to pay to Twitter management web services, you get MORE FEATURES plus the convenience of the mobile app FOR LIFE. Twitter Manager is definitely a GREAT INVESTMENT.

* PLEASE NOTE: This app currently does not support users with more than 40,000 followers or following.

If you’re having a problem with loading the app, please update your Twitter accounts in the main Settings by deleting them then adding them again. For questions and comments, please contact : [email protected]

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