MotionX GPS

MotionX GPS

  • Navigation
  • 2008-12-17
    Release date
  • iOS 9.0 +
  • 1.99$

MotionX-GPS is an app that connects to your iPhone or iPad to provide a digital compass, an interactive navigation interface, and various GPS and map features. What makes this app unique among navigation applications is the “Live Update” feature, which lets you broadcast your track and position to popular social media sites and via email. Coastal cruisers and weekend racers can record and publish their tracks using this application, which may be helpful both in racing and in post-race social gatherings. 


User Interface

The user interface is straightforward to use. The screen displays your location, current track, speed, and heading in real time on the selected map display. A rotating globe indicates your GPS signal and triangulation mode. 


Map Details

MotionX-GPS provides 14 distinct map providers, including road, terrain, satellite, and NOAA marine (U.S. Coastal) charts. When you’re outside cellular coverage, you’ll download map tile data to scroll, zoom, and navigate, which will then be cached. Additionally, NOAA charts or regional chart areas may be cached for use on the water or outside of the cellular range. 



Waypoints may be created by tapping on a spot on the map or importing it from iTunes or email. You may now use waypoints to navigate. The map will show you the distance, track, and directional heading when navigating to a waypoint. You may edit waypoints, create folders, and attach pics. 

With Track Recorder recording and storing your journey, you can record your activities such as sailing, power boating, hiking, or biking. The app displays information like speed, distance, and time while recording. You can share your journeys via Facebook, Twitter, and email once they are finished. With this app, you can store tracks, organize, search, and even get voice notifications while driving. You can automatically post your completed journey on social media with the Auto Share feature. 

Live tracking is one of the most significant advantages of this application. Between 5 and 60 minutes, automatic position updates can be published to Facebook, and Twitter, sent by email or posted to a public station on the MotionX website.

Since most GPS applications have poor battery life, MotionX-GPS solves this issue with multitasking and background GPS settings. When Track Recorder or Auto Live Updates are on, the GPS stays on with the “Optimized” setting. The “Always On” or “Always Off” settings allow you to control the GPS to conserve battery life. You may save battery by disabling WiFi and Bluetooth and lowering the screen brightness. 



MotionX-GPS is an excellent app if you like to chart your progress while on the water or need GPS navigation in a remote area. The app is easy to use and offers an intuitive interface. It keeps track of your location and speed and sends your position and velocity over email, Facebook, and Twitter. You can record your way and even post it on social media. This is an excellent app if you like coastal cruising and need a navigational tool out of cell range.

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