Moshi Kids – Sleep & Meditation

Moshi Kids – Sleep & Meditation

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  • Dec 6, 2017
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  • iOS 12.0 or later
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With this sleep & meditation app for kids, you may enjoy calmer daytimes and earlier bedtimes.

Join numerous parents who use Moshi to soothe and soothe their children to sleep with over 85 hours of exclusive audio stories, sleep noises, meditations, and calming music that you won’t find in any other app. includes notable actors from stage and screen, like Goldie Hawn and Patrick Stewart, who narrate unique guest stories and meditations. recommended by sleep specialists and medical professionals.

Earlier bedtimes:

With over 300 pieces of calming audio stories, sleep music, and meditations produced by the BAFTA-winning Moshi team, Moshi aids children of all ages in falling asleep on their own.

– Moshi helps parents put their children to sleep more quickly than normal, according to 97% of parents surveyed.
– 95% reported that using the app made going to bed less stressful.

Parents who use Moshi for their kids to sleep more soundly, awake less frequently, and go asleep more quickly. A recent study found that:

– Children go to bed 28 minutes earlier.
– Children sleep for an extra 22 minutes.
– A 50% reduction in nighttime awakenings

How Moshi Stories Function:

– The soothing rhyming narratives known as Moshi Stories have lullaby-like choruses.
– Ambient sounds like music and white noise are made with relaxation in mind.
– As each narrative goes on, the narration gets drowsier and the background noise gets quieter.

Features that promote a calmer daytime and earlier bedtimes include:

  • Each week, new, relaxing meditations and bedtime stories are published.
  • Only audio. No need to use screens before going to bed
  • Specially created deep breathing exercises and bite-sized meditations for children
  • Calming white noise and sleep sounds for infants, including pink, velvet, and traditional white noise
  • Loop and replay capabilities make sure sleep sounds continue to play as needed throughout the night.
  • Check out specially crafted playlists like “Nap Time,” “Ease Anxiety,” “Bedtime,” and “Calm Down” for particular situations.
  • Create different playlists for kids of all ages, from infants to toddlers to older children.
  • Tag songs, white noise tracks, sleep noises, meditations, and stories to identify your child’s favorites quickly and easily.


For the duration of your membership, the Moshi annual subscription grants you access to the whole library of Stories, Guided meditation, Music, White Noise, and Sleep Sounds that are available in the app.

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