Mojang AB
  • Games
  • 2011-11-17
    Release date
  • iOS 11.0 or later
  • 6.99$

Explore infinite worlds and build anything from a simple house to a huge castle. In creative mode, you can play with unlimited resources. In survival mode, you can mine deep into the world and make weapons and armor to protect yourself from dangerous mobs.

You can make, explore, and try to stay alive on many different devices or play with friends. Climb rough mountains, find caves with intricate designs, and mine big ore veins. Find the lush cave and the dripstone cave. Light up your world with candles to show how smart you are as a cave explorer and mountain climber.

Expand your Game

  • Marketplace – Find the latest items made by the community in the marketplace. Get maps, skins, and texture packs made by your favorite creators that are one-of-a-kind.
  • Slash commands – You can change how the game works by giving away items, calling mobs, changing the time of day, and more.
  • Add-Ons – With free Add-Ons, you can change your experience even more. You can change how the game uses data to make new resource packs if you are more tech-savvy.


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