Maple – Household Planner

Maple – Household Planner

Grow Maple Inc.
  • Feb 22, 2021
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  • iOS 12.4 or later
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Organizing and arranging your home can be made less stressful. Browse and alter pre-made schedules produced by families exactly like yours, complete with notes, to-dos, and events.

Begin with a Strategy: Plans will help you keep your family organized. You may exchange to-do lists, collaborate on notes, and schedule upcoming activities in each plan’s family calendar.

Search available pre-made plans: By using the Maple Browser, you may search for and use pre-made plans, saving time and effort. Search through and use quick plans for family vacations, birthday parties, and chore management.

Organize To-Do Lists: Collaborate to complete tasks. Make a shared to-do list, assign duties, or find out what is available. As tasks are completed, Maple keeps everyone updated.

Create notes together: With Maple Notes, you may compile information in a public location. Recipes from the family can be saved, vacation instructions can be given, or planning guidelines can be made.

Share your event calendars: Bring your entire family’s calendars into one location. Organize events, keep tabs on children’s activities, organize schedules, and maintain communication.

Talk about your household’s plans: Boost family communication. Focused family discussions incorporated into each strategy will keep everyone informed.

Manage Your Home from Anywhere: Together, Maple Web and Mobile can help you keep organized. Use Maple on your computer to stay organized during the workday, and use Maple on your smartphone to stay organized while you’re out and about.

Organize your home like the thousands of other homes that use Maple. Use the app right away.

About Maple:

A family-owned tech business called Maple was established in 2020. The goal of Maple is to make family life better. Go to to see our website.


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