JumBistik: Funny Run & Shoot

JumBistik: Funny Run & Shoot

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The adventurous funny 2D run and shoot action game suitable for all ages including kids 4+, and families. The attractive gameplay is pretty simple to manage. Funny run, jump, shoot to enemies, and find and collect hidden runes. Enjoy mysterious journey. Interesting to enjoy leisure time.

JumBistik features:

– setting up the game:
– control button positions: switch, up, middle, down;
– training instructions: learning of movement and shooting action;
– choosing hero: bear, wolfy, turtle, or mouse;
– simple and easy game play controls:
– movement controls: green button to move left, right, jump;
– shooting controls: touch the screen, hold to charge, and release;
– user-friendly interface displaying:
– level progress shown in length and percentages;
– scores and timing on top screen corners;
– indicators of remaining enemies and runes quantity;
– stars showing goal achievement progress;
– indicators of shooting power and player health which restores when low;
– enemy health indicators;
– ability to choose and replay the levels;
– available total score with the level break down;
– funny and colorful cartoon style;
– addictive nature sounds;
– exotic music;
– colorful animations and in-game graphics;
– 100 levels gameplay journey;
– 8 worlds with 10-15 levels each.

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