JetLag Genie

JetLag Genie

Variance srl
  • Paid Travel Apps
  • 2011-03-25
    Release date
  • iOS 4.3 +
  • 2.99$

Want to beat jet lag? Need to be on top of your game when traveling abroad? You need to take active steps before you leave, during your flight, and after you land to significantly reduce the effects of jet lag.

The JetLag Genie helps you by creating a customized plan of action that is based on your specific flight info and sleeping patterns. This customized plan provides you with daily lists of necessary actions to take, and includes live notifications that inform you of the the appropriate times to:
-Get sunshine
-Sit in the dark
-Take melatonin (a naturally occurring sleep aid)
-Change the time on your watch
-Take a nap

Why suffer? Let the JetLag Genie help you feel better, perform better, and simply enjoy more of your trip.

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