Goose Hunting Diagrams – DecoyPro

Goose Hunting Diagrams – DecoyPro

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  • 2015-07-06
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  • iOS 7.1 +
  • 9.99$

Ready for goose hunting success? DecoyPro provides easy to understand Canada goose decoy setup diagrams. These simple to understand Canada goose setup diagrams makes goose hunting simple, even for those who have little or no hunting experience.

What will you learn? DecoyPro helps you understand decoy types, wind direction, decoy spread size, decoy placement and blind concealment. You will even learn how to bag Canada geese without a blind.

So what are you waiting for? Get DecoyPro Goose Hunting Diagrams today and learn how to bag more geese.

Diagrams included in “DecoyPro”
The “Triple Threat”
The “Flight Cancelled”
The “Red Dot”
The “Vaporizer”
The “Jackpot”
The “Xtreme”
The “Wildcat”
The “Ring of Fire”
The “Crop Buster”
The “Splash Zone”
The “Paw Print”
The “Hammer”
The “Family Affair”
The “Mixed Bag”
The “Late Arrival”
The “Single File”
The “Slumber Party”
The “Swan Song”
The “Bright Light”
The “Hamburger Hill”
and more…

Over 40 diagrams included!

Also Learn:
Number of decoys to use
Blind placement and concealment
Confidence decoys
Decoy adjustment
Selecting your decoy types
and so much more…

– View simple to understand Canada goose hunting diagrams right from your phone.
– Learn about the benefits of every diagram offered and how it can help you be successful when hunting.
– “Cheap Decoys the Smart Way” is a free download when you signup for our email newsletter. This valuable guide helps you with tips on how to buy decoys without emptying your wallet.
– DecoyPro trains you how to use wind direction to your benefit when hunting Canada geese.
– Become more knowledgeable about decoy spread sizes and how adding hunters to your hunting party impacts how many decoys to use.
– Review all types of decoys used for Canada goose hunting and the pros and cons of each decoy type
– Uncover various hunting blind types to help you stay concealed from the sight of approaching Canada geese
– Each diagram is clickable for detail with decoy placement strategies and learn how each diagram can help you bag more snow geese.

Download DecoyPro and start having Canada goose hunting success today!

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