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Good for Enterprise

Good Technology, Inc.
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  • 2009-12-01
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  • iOS 10.0 +
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Good for Enterprise is a secure, simple-to-manage, and cost-effective solution that protects company data while allowing employees to use Apple iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads remotely. Your employees want access to corporate information while on the go, and you want to be able to offer mobility while protecting company data. 



With Good, your company’s sensitive information is safeguarded from the moment it leaves your servers until it reaches your employees’ iPhones and iPads. Every delivery phase is encrypted with FIPS-accredited AES encryption, ensuring that data transmitted both in transit and at rest is adequately safeguarded. 

You don’t have to alter your firewall settings or establish new inbound connections to utilize Good servers, which are securely behind the firewall and accessible via standard port 443. Keeping corporate information safe, however, will not require disruptive adjustments to your existing infrastructure. 


Company Data

Data is encrypted and is not accessible outside the Good for Enterprise application. Employees can use the Good for Enterprise app to access their corporate email, save and manage files, and maintain contact lists and calendars, just as they would if they were at their office desk using Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. Employees can access corporate Intranets or websites via a secure browser within the Good for Enterprise application. 



Good for Enterprise is an excellent choice for mobile employees with complete visibility into all devices. Use simple policies such as requiring passwords and preventing cut/copy/paste from the Good app to protect corporate data. Troubleshoot issues with enterprise data wipe only, leaving personal data intact using an easy-to-use web-based tool. Give your employees the ability to complete simple tasks such as adding or wiping their devices. 


Web Management

View and manage all mobile devices in your workforce through any web browser instantly and effortlessly. New iOS devices can be provisioned, passwords enforced, custom or enterprise applications distributed, and role-based policies established anywhere at any time. In other words, spend less time managing software and more time safeguarding business data. 



If you need compliance and security at your fingertips, you have come to the right place. Good for Enterprise is a cloud-based mobile device management solution that delivers complete visibility, control, and compliance across the entire mobile workforce. 

You can also manage your enterprise applications, including protecting sensitive data with encryption and limiting access to only those employees who require access to certain functions or devices.

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