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  • January 6, 2004
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With the help of GarageBand, you can create music on the move using your iPad, iPhone, and a collection of Touch Instruments. Furthermore, Live Loops makes it simple for everyone to enjoy making music in the style of a DJ. Even if you’ve never played a note before, you can sound professional playing keyboards, guitars, and creating beats using Multi-Touch gestures. Play through vintage amps and stompbox effects with a guitar or bass by connecting them. You can quickly record a performance with up to 32 tracks by using a Touch Instrument, a microphone, or a guitar. You may get more free instruments, loops, and sound packs made by some of the biggest producers around the globe by using the Sound Library.

Be a DJ by producing music

  • Tap a cell or group of cells in a Live Loop using Multi-Touch.
  • With Apple Loops, get started with templates or create your own grid from scratch.
  • By directly recording into a cell with any Touch Instrument, you can create personalized loops.
  • To create DJ-style effects, use Remix FX.
  • For a performance recording, simply tap record.

Use your iPad and iPhone as musical instruments by playing them.

  • Play a variety of instruments on the cutting-edge Multi-Touch keyboard.
  • Alchemy Touch Instrument playback and recording
  • The Beat Sequencer allows you to create grooves that are modeled like vintage electronic drum machines.
  • Utilize the Sound Library in GarageBand to download free sound packs, loops, and instruments.
  • Add studio-quality effects to any sound you want to capture.
  • Utilize virtual amplifiers and stompboxes to recreate renowned guitar or bass setups.
  • Audio Unit Extensions can be used to directly record performances from external music apps into GarageBand.


  • Your music will sound better with simulated session drummers who follow instructions and play realistic patterns.
  • You can pick among acoustic, electronic, and percussionists.
  • With the ability to produce over a million authentic grooves and fills, each character has its own sound.

With Smart Instruments, sound like a virtuoso

  • Smart Strings allows you to play a full-string orchestra.
  • Use any keyboard instrument to perform while using chord strips and autoplay.
  • Use upright, electric, and synthesized sounds to groove with different Smart Basses.
  • An electric and acoustic Smart Guitar can be used to strum chords or initiate autoplay sequences.

Anywhere you go, write a song

  • Utilize loops, Touch Instruments, and audio recordings to record, organize, and mix your music on up to 32 tracks.
  • Using multi-take recording, record any musical portion numerous times and then pick your favorite.
  • Utilize specialized mixing tools like Visual EQ, Bitcrusher, and Overdrive.
  • 24-bit audio resolution can be used when creating, mixing, and exporting music.
  • Trim and position musical areas where you need them to play.
  • Automate touch instrument controls, including volume, and capture their motion for further analysis.
  • Using the integrated notebook, you can add remarks or lyric suggestions to your song.

Share your music

  • Using iCloud Drive, keep your music up to current across all devices.
  • For your iPad or iPhone, make personalized alerts and ringtones.
  • Send your music to people via email or social media platforms like SoundCloud.
  • Using your iPhone or iPad and iCloud, you can add new songs to your Logic Pro project remotely.


Needs suitable third-party Audio Unit Extensions apps, available from the App Store.

Free download is required from the GarageBand Sound Library.

A suitable third-party audio interface is necessary for multitrack recording.

Programs like iMovie, Clips, or other third-party apps may be necessary for sharing to certain social networking platforms.


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