Fujifilm Kiosk Photo Transfer

Fujifilm Kiosk Photo Transfer

FUJIFILM North America Corporation
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  • 2013-09-10
    Release date
  • iOS 12.0 or later
  • FREE

The program Foscam Pro is the iPhone and iPad app with the most features that lets you use your HD and SD Foscam IP cameras and other MJPEG cameras. You can find everything you want and need in one place. Almost all HD and SD Foscam cameras have two-way audio, video recording, and picture taking.

Compatible cameras with two-way audio support: FI8905W FI8908W, FI8909W, FI8910W, FI8916W, FI8918W, C1, FI9803P V2, FI9804P, FI9805, FI9805W, FI9816P, FI9821P, FI9821P V2, FI9821W, FI9821W V2, FI9821W V2.1, FI9826P V2, FI9826W, FI9828P, FI9828W, FI9831P+V2, FI9853EP, FI9900P, FosBaby, FosBaby P1 , C2, R2, and Insteon 2864-232.

Compatible cameras without audio support: Foscam FI9821V1, FI8620, FI8608, Cis-co WVC-80N, D-Link DCS-942L, Agassio 522, Panasonic CL0230, and the WowWee Rovio robot.

You will need to set up dynamic DNS and/or port forwarding on your home router so you can see your cameras from afar. First, make sure your camera works with your browser. Install the app.

See http://synapticedge.com/setupfoscam for help.


  • Preset camera position control
  • Two-way Audio on compatible models (see list above)
  • Listen to multiple cameras at the same time
  • Listen to camera audio while the app is in the background
  • Adjustable camera arrangement
  • Up to four camera groups
  • Live settings feedback
  • 2 Control Methods (“No look” Joystick or Screen Drag)
  • Control of your camera’s motion detection, FTP upload, and email and SD features (as applicable based on camera models)
  • Pan and Tilt Speed Control
  • In-App motion and face detection (with automatic image/video capture) for SD model cameras.
  • Video Recording to camera roll (with audio on compatible models)
  • Optional Passcode Lock
  • Fast multiple-camera setup
  • Save/e-mail your camera settings to other users/devices


The “no look” joystick lets you move the camera without looking at tiny arrow buttons. Instead, you can just look at the image from the camera. Just tap anywhere near the joystick and hold. Your finger will center the joystick. Then you can just drag in the direction you want to go.

Push to talk

Push-to-talk makes talking through your camera easy. Simply hold the microphone button to talk and release it to stop.

Easy set-up

Most users with several cameras set up simply the port number differently. Duplicate in Foscam Pro makes putting up multiple cameras quick. New cameras have preset usernames and passwords. Multiple camera setups? Foscam Pro may e-mail camera settings to you, coworkers, family, or acquaintances. Configuration file passwords have been removed.


The Foscam Pro is great for those needing a multi-IP camera viewer. This app makes it easy to view and manage multiple cameras at once while providing users with several handy features, such as the ability to record footage and take snapshots. If you are looking for an easy-to-use and feature-rich IP camera viewer, the Foscam Pro should be at the top of your list.

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