Fuelly – MPG, Mileage, Service

Fuelly – MPG, Mileage, Service

Fuelly, LLC
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  • 2008-11-11
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  • iOS 9.3 +
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You can easily keep track of your car’s gas mileage and maintenance records. Set up reminders for things like oil changes and tire rotations so that you don’t forget to do them. Fuelly makes it easy to save money by calculating your gas mileage (MPG) and sending you service reminders.

The Fuelly app works well with Fuelly.com, which is the most popular site for keeping track of gas mileage. You can easily keep track of the cars in your garage each time you fill up. Just add the miles, gallons, and price per gallon each time you fill up, and your MPG data will grow. On Fuelly.com, all of the information is beautifully displayed and works perfectly with your car.



  • Tracks gas mileage and vehicle maintenance
  • Attachments to store photos and PDFs
  • Online sync to Fuelly.com
  • Charts: MPG, stats, gas price, gas expenses, service expenses
  • Customizable service reminders, with presets like oil changes, tire rotations, and more
  • Priority support via in-app messaging
  • Supports multiple vehicles
  • Store vehicle data: VIN, License Plate, etc.
  • Excel-compatible email reports (CSV attachment)
  • International Units: MPG (US), MPG (Canada), MPG (UK), MPG (Imperial), L/100km, gal/100mi (US), gal/100mi (Imperial), km/L, km/gal (US), km/gal (Imperial), and mi/L


Fuelly Premium

  • Remove ads
  • an Unlimited number of attachments



Overall, Fuelly is a great mileage-tracking app that can help you save money on gas and keep your car in good shape. The main downside is that it doesn’t work with all cars, but if yours is compatible then it’s definitely worth checking out. With its easy-to-use interface and helpful features, Fuelly is a must-have for anyone serious about saving money on gas.

Privacy Policy: http://www.fuelly.com/privacy
Terms of Service: http://www.fuelly.com/terms

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