Frigloo – Freezer manager, fridge and stocks

Frigloo – Freezer manager, fridge and stocks

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Application allowing you to manage your freezer, your fridge and other stocks with ease.

Frigloo is THE answer to the famous existential questions that everyone has asked themselves at least once in their life: “Do we have any tomato sauce left? But where did I put it ?”

Say goodbye to the endless search for granny’s soup in your freezer under the distressing alarm of the open door !
No more expired yoghurt left in the fridge that threatens to come to life !
No more vintage cereal packets lost in the depths of a wardrobe !

Thanks to Frigloo you will manage your freezers, refrigerators and other storage spaces with ease, remotely and with all the members of your household!

Frigloo simplifies our daily lives, we are sure it will be the same for you.

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