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  • 2012-06-14
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  • iOS 9.0 +
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Everyone has a tale to share, whether it’s big adventures or the small moments of each day. With Flipagram, we honor them all. You can become the director of your life’s greatest moments with a few taps on your phone. With Flipagram’s simple editing functions, great filters and effects, and access to contemporary music, you can create and distribute video clips in no time.


Add your favorite music to your movies and slideshows for free.

  • All your favorite songs are updated daily, so adding music to your video is simple.
  • Our community of independent artists and creatives openly shares their behind-the-scenes stories.
  • Create unique creations by getting inspired by custom playlists.
  • Make a compilation of your favorite tunes with all your picture selfies and videos.


Music filters and effects

  • Trim, cut, merge, and duplicate photos and videos easily using simple filters and editing tools.
  • Create fantastic holiday slide shows and movies by stitching together as many memories as you want—add text and drawing to bring them to life.
  • We continuously update our filters so that you can be creative with every creation!
  • Record yourself lipsyncing and dubbing over our content using our in-app camera.


Discover fun videos to keep you entertained

  • Check out the latest videos our community members have created.
  • No matter what you’re in the mood for, we have content that will make your day. Check out our videos from talented creators, ranging from cooking and makeup to comedy and pets!



Flipagram is a great way to create short, shareable videos with your photos and music. It’s easy to use and has many creative options, making it an excellent tool for anyone who wants to share their stories with the world. Whether you’re a seasoned videographer or just getting started, Flipagram is definitely worth checking out.

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