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Flamingo Animator is a skeletal animation graphic editor that lets you create animated videos using your ideas and imagination. Users can create or use a database of information to do so. 

A set of tools, layers, and various other features are available to help you create and export your projects as movies or animated GIFs. 

You will be able to save your nerves as you draw the necessary items with your hand with the help of well-crafted, precise control and stylus support from various brands. 


Start Drawing

You can use the Draw Characters and game scenes editor to create sketches of everything from backgrounds to wacky characters. You can also refer to other artists’ paintings and use them in your work. 

The first step is sketching out a particular composition’s primary lines. Users may change the image size or switch them to other images to create the desired animation. Then you can proceed with straightforward procedures to create videos and gifs. Finally, you may publish your video and share it with your friends


Video Editing

Many people use animations like this at the moment, so creating your own independent gif will draw a lot of attention. You can include a signature to your video to make it more unique. With this video creation application in hand, you can quickly share animated photos with others on social media sites. 


Various Tools to Use

Flamingo Animator offers you a variety of drawing and editing tools. You also have erasers, paints, buckets, and other tools of all sizes, in addition to various brush strokes with large and small strokes. 

Furthermore, you can easily erase small details with the stylus. With Flamingo Animator, you can create unique animated videos by editing anything and adding more photos from your photo library. 

You can use simple strokes and colors to create an adorable animated video. You may also use preexisting images to create something fresh. Make your drawing and life even more colorful. 



Flamingo Animator is a well-crafted app for creating animated movies and gifs. Whether it’s your child’s birthday or you just wanted to make an excellent video to post on Facebook, Flamingo Animator can help you make a masterpiece in no time. You can also publish your video online and show it to everyone.

The app works fast and smoothly. You can expect to complete your animations in a matter of minutes. It also offers a wide range of tools you can use. You can customize your animations to make them look more professional.

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