Fitness Point Pro

Fitness Point Pro

  • Healthcare & Fitness
  • 2012-11-05
    Release date
  • iOS 9.0 +
  • 4.99$

With Fitness Point, you can track your fitness progression at the gym and everything else you might need. Just click on the button to start! You may choose from one of the pre-defined workout programs or create your workout.


Free and PRO version basic Features:


You can create custom exercises using the built-in exercises, which come with descriptions, animations, and trained muscle groups. Logs can be added to exercises, recording weight, repetitions, dates, and notes. 



Develop a workout routine with the exercises you prefer. Enter your desired sets and reps for each exercise. Swipe gestures provide quick navigation as you enter your logs. 

Create a workout plan with help from a professional trainer. Post your workout plan on Facebook or Twitter.



Log every workout. View a calendar of all exercises.



Select whether to display weight in pounds or kilograms. Choose whether to view exercise descriptions in your preferred language. 



Fitness Point is a great way to track and improve your fitness, using a simple and enjoyable design. You can track your progress, set goals, and keep track of your exercises at the gym. Simply install Fitness Point and get started. 

The exercise library is a great way to get started. First, choose from one of the predesigned exercises or build your own. After that, enter details, including weight, repetitions, and notes. You can also set a goal and track your progress. 

In addition to logging your workouts, you can also track your stretches and consult the dietitian. Fitness Point is free and available for all major platforms for both Android and iOS devices.

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