Fitness Buddy: Gym Workouts

Fitness Buddy: Gym Workouts

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  • 2012-04-04
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  • iOS 9.0 +
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The Fitness Buddy app provides a variety of gym and home workouts for the user to attempt. Every training includes instructions, video clips, and various categories to locate specific exercises. Meal plans, recipes, and body measurements are among the other features. 


Personalized workout plans

Whether you want to gain muscle mass or lose weight, Fitness Buddy can help you achieve your goals


Track your progress and get stronger faster.

Log your weights, reps, and notes with this simple journal design. View your lifting progress with simple charts and history views to keep track of your workouts and motivate them. Synchronize your workouts with Apple Health and Google Fit. 


2000+ exercise library

Our fitness specialists have created thousands of exercises, training programs, and workout guides for your enjoyment. 


Find a workout you’ll enjoy

Our carefully crafted workouts targeting specific body parts for different levels of difficulty, recovery, and yoga, among other things, are 500+ in number. We update them frequently to ensure they’re up to date with the latest research. 


Choose a meal plan that suits your needs and preferences. 

You can keep track of your weights, reps, and notes with an uncomplicated journal design. You’ll be able to keep track of your lifting progress with simple charts and history views. Your workouts will sync with Apple Health and Google Fit. 



Fitness Buddy is your one-stop hub for exercise, diet, and nutrition information. Our workout and diet plan schedule provides the tools you need to stay healthy and motivated. Our library of exercise guides and workout routines allows you to find the proper exercise at any fitness level. 

No matter what your fitness goals are, Fitness Buddy is the right app for you.

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