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Face Massage, Skincare: ForYou

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Need to build your face skin care routine? Dreaming of a young, healthy and good-looking face skin? Can’t afford regular visits to cosmetologists, or simply don’t have enough time for that? Then let ‘forYou’ take care of your face skin.
Good-looking skin is not simply a matter of DNA! Regular face fitness and massage are essential if you want your skin to look good at any age. Your daily habits have a big impact on what you see in the mirror. With our face massage & fitness app you can master facial massage exercises that stimulate deep layers of the skin. Same as facial yoga, face building is one of the best ways to improve your skin texture. Face fitness routine will allow you to get rid of swelling, tighten your skin, lift cheeks and build a perfect face oval — exactly the one you dreamed of for many years. forYou skincare routine programmes were developed by professional cosmetologists and should be practiced regularly to achieve the desired results. It is suggested to practice face fitness exercises 10-20 min daily over at least 3 weeks to notice positive results.
Face building can save you money on plastic surgeries: no more expensive cosmetic procedures such as lymphatic drainage and lifting, no more electric massagers. Forget about painful injections, just practice face fitness with forYou following our simple face-lifting techniques.
To begin with, an Augmented Reality (AR) tool investigates your skin type and wrinkles to suggest the best skin care programme and unique skincare routine. Regular cycle of facial massage takes about 15 min, depending on the programme. We offer simple and effective facial massage exercises that you can do at home using your own hands. The result is youthful, toned skin that will shine and impress yourself and people around you. Our face massage programmes are suitable for people of all ages.
No matter how old you are, a man or a woman, just launch forYou and start working on your facial skin routine. Using the latest technologies, you can achieve better results in no time. We make this journey completely safe and pleasant by working with the best specialists in cosmetology and dermatology.
ForYou will help you learn face massage skills even if you are a complete beginner. Visual instructions will walk you through the process. AR will track your day by day progress and make sure you reach positive results. Our app will make your face fitness routine joyful and pleasurable. No matter how stressful the conditions might be, at home or while on the move. Our face fitness programmes are regularly updated by professional cosmetologists to help your skin look healthy and shiny.Here is what you can achieve with forYou and the main results of regular face fitness exercises:Increase skin elasticity, by improving blood circulation through facial massage to give the skin natural and youthful colour.
Get rid of puffiness, large or small wrinkles and other skin related conditions developed with age by practicing face yoga techniques
Build an ideal rounded and taut line of the neck, cheeks and cheekbones by doing face building & face lifting exercises
Download forYou to start your facial skincare routine. Augmented Reality tools will help you choose the best face fitness programme and master the technique in the following few steps. Face lifting exercises can be carried out on dry or moisturised skin using massage oil or cream. Classic facial massage requires pre-hydrated skin. Face building takes around 15 minutes per day and about 30 days to complete the whole course, if performed regularly. Repeat the course as many times as you like, whenever you need to. ForYou provides fast and effective face massage techniques, developed especially for you by professional cosmetologists. All courses are regularly updated and available directly in the app. To get bonuses, you can share the results in social networks and messengers. Try forYou to make your facial skin look healthy and feel younger!


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