DragonBox Numbers

DragonBox Numbers

Kahoot DragonBox AS
  • May 9, 2012
    Release date
  • iOS 7.0 or later
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With the help of DragonBox Numbers, your youngster will learn what numbers are, how they function, and what you can do with them. Your child will develop an instinctive awareness of numbers thanks to the game’s simplicity and pleasure. It’s a superb introduction to the fascinating realm of mathematics.

Through the use of colorful and relatable figures known as Nooms, DragonBox Numbers brings arithmetic to life. The Nooms can be manipulated as your child likes—stacked, divided, mixed, sorted, compared, and played with.

The app has four different activities for your kid to try out, each of which is made to test how well they know basic numbers and how to utilize Nooms.

  1. Your child can let loose with the Nooms in the “Sandbox” area of the game. Additionally, parents and instructors can use it to help children understand fundamental math ideas.
  2. Your child will utilize fundamental math skills to make their own puzzle pieces in the “Puzzle” segment, which they will then arrange correctly to unveil a concealed image. Every action your kid does helps them understand numbers better. While resolving the 250 problems, your child will carry out thousands of operations.
  3. Your child will need to use strategy in the “Ladder” part to construct greater numbers. Each step of the way, your child will practice fundamental math skills while developing an intuitive knowledge of how larger numbers relate to little numbers.
  4. Your child will need to make quick calculations in the “Run” phase to guide the Noom down a course. Jumping over hurdles can be done by your child using their fingers, Nooms, or numbers. By practicing their ability to swiftly recognize and add numbers, this activity improves your child’s number sense.

With no quizzes or pointless repeats, DragonBox Numbers is built on the same pedagogical concepts as the other games in the acclaimed DragonBox series. It works by effortlessly integrating the learning into gameplay. Every activity in DragonBox Numbers is created with the goal of enhancing your child’s grasp of numbers and fostering a love of arithmetic, providing a solid foundation for future math education.


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