DRAFT: Daily Fantasy Sports

DRAFT: Daily Fantasy Sports

StarStreet, Inc.
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  • 2014-10-25
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  • iOS 9.0 +
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DRAFT: Fantasy for the People

Compete in live snake drafts for real money against other people. Each draft takes just minutes to complete. Win cash every day on the highest-rated daily fantasy sports app.


• H2H Snake Drafts: Play head-to-head against friends or get matched instantly against an opponent

• Multiplayer Snake Drafts: Snake drafts against 3-10 other people. Increase the strategy, stakes, and excitement

• Dream Team Drafts: Pick any five players and win by creating the best team of the night

• NFL Best Ball Drafts: Focus on the best part of season-long fantasy football: the draft. Draft an 18-player team and you’re done


• Snake Drafts! DRAFT is the only app where you can do the same type of drafts you’re used to, but just for one day or week

• The average draft takes under five minutes

• There’s no multi-entry, so you don’t need to worry about pros with hundreds of lineups in your contests like elsewhere

• Easily invite and play against your friends

• Tons of different draft sizes and entry amounts to choose from in your favorite sports: football, basketball, baseball, golf, and hockey

• Drafts last just one week (for football or golf) or one day (for basketball, baseball or hockey)

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