codeSpark Academy – Kids Coding

codeSpark Academy – Kids Coding

codeSpark, Inc
  • Nov 3, 2014
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  • iOS 11.0 or later
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CodeSpark Academy was influenced by ‘beginning’ programming languages like Logo, SmallTalk, and Squeak as well as visual programming languages like Scratch from MIT, Alice from Carnegie Mellon University, and others.

Anyone everywhere may play on our wordless interface, which is ideal for young children and beginning coders. Children will learn fundamental ideas in computer science like loops, conditionals, algorithmic reasoning, pattern detection, and problem-solving.

For children ages 5 to 10, the number one coding learning app is codeSpark Academy. We provide a huge selection of games and activities for kids that are aimed at introducing them to STEM fields and computer science foundations.

Main Features:

  • Children pick up fundamental programming ideas and utilize them to create their own interactive stories and games.
  • According to your child’s progress, customized daily activities.
  • App with a monthly subscription that updates its content.
  • Word-free. Suitable for pre-readers and beginning programmers alike! Anyone can begin coding, anywhere!
  • Research from MIT, Princeton, and Carnegie Mellon was incorporated into the curriculum development.
  • Supports three different child profiles.
  • No confidential information about your child will be gathered.
  • There is neither advertising nor small-scale commerce.
  • There is no exchange of written messages between participants or outside parties.
  • You may withdraw at any moment.
  • Kid-Safe

The Contents of the App:

  • Explore: Put your coding skills to use by playing entertaining games and challenges that need logical thought. teaches ideas such as stacks, queues, variables, automation, boolean logic, and inequalities.
  • Puzzles: By resolving entertaining puzzles, you can learn the fundamentals of computer science while enhancing your ability to solve problems logically and critically. advanced sequencing, conditionals, events, loops, and master sequencing.
  • Game Maker: To create your own arcade-style games, use the Game Maker app to put the concepts you’ve learned to use. Discover how other games were programmed using our Remixing function, and you can even add your own touch.
  • Adventure Game: Use game design and storytelling to develop original games and stories in a fantastical world that other young coders may enjoy. Make trees move, erect fortifications, and do other things using sophisticated coding techniques.
  • Story Maker: Using code, you can make interactive stories with voice bubbles, illustrations, and music.
  • Kid-Safe Community: Each narrative is reviewed by our staff before being made available on the app, ensuring the privacy and security of all young programmers.

What is codeSpark?

By making programming fun, codeSpark teaches computer science to children in more than 200 different nations.

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