Catch Basketball

Catch Basketball

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Catch Basketball is free to play. Play offline – no internet connection necessary!

This Catch Basketball game is fun to play and challenging too!


– Easy to Play

– Fun Game Play

Catch multiple Balls by absorbing various other color balls to enhance your score.

The aim of this game to catch the incoming balls. The longer you survive the more you score.

With the catch of each Incoming ball, your score will rise, but if you catch a Black Ball then it is all over you need to start again. You will get an additional life when you catch a Pink Ball. In case you catch a Grey ball, you will lose your life.

Based on the passage of each level, the speed of the incoming ball will get increased. Each level stores its score separately. You can track your current and best scores.
Easy to learn but hard to master. Difficulty increases with each level to catch the ball.

As time goes the speed of Incoming ball is getting more faster and you have to hurry to catch the ball, the game becomes more challenging and has fun to Catch the Ball. Catch Basketball gets difficult with time there can be a lot of fun but you need to concentrate.
Catch Basketball helps you to distinguish between different colors.

Beat your high score every time you play the game.
Ignore the abnormal ones (black balls). Don’t make contact with the angry ones (black balls).

In case if you need more lives to play the game just watch a video and get an extra life.
It is as simple as that.

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